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February 02, 2009



Wasn't WoW on a 1-1 time thing with the real world? If you always played around the same time each day, it would be the same time in the game world each day. Anyway. that's how I remember it.

Runes of Magic made a HUGE deal about the music used in the game. I'm surprised it isn't in the game yet.

I guess there's another game to add to the pile :/

Good review :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - Thanks! That's good news and means there's hope for game sound FX and audio. I didn't know that about WOW which explains it. My playing habits were pretty regular. It was always daytime when I played. I remembered thinking I wonder how it felt for players that by their playing schedules were always playing during WOW nighttime.

I think the faster cycling of EQ2 is a better method. You get to see all flavors of the time changing. One for taking pictures, I'm sure I missed many pretty dusk and night scenes.

Crimson Starfire

Great review!

I'm not playing any AAA MMOs atm, so I might check it this weekend. Cheers for the write up.


Yes, WoW does a "real time" day/night timeline. I almost always play at night, because of work/kids and stuff. Thus, I was almost always adventuring in the dark in WoW. Of course, I am a night owl so it didn't really seem all that different to me from real life *laugh*.

Nice write up, Saylah!

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks Crimson and Roma. If you make it on and decided to play a bit look me up. I'm Surianah on the PVE server Artemus.


Thank you very much for all the detailed reviews. I have been itching for fantasy MMO to balance my CoH addiction but cannot justify resubscribing to WoW or LOTRO.

Downloading RoM now :)


Alysianah aka Saylah

Thank you and good luck.


Thanks for the review!

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