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February 23, 2009



Too me the "epicness" of an experience is not tied so much to whether specific roles and builds are needed, or the number of people. It is rather the story unfolding as part of the experience.

Of course the experience should not be trivial, but does not necessarily require a very specific strategy.

I think the Guild Wars campaigns are good examples of what I consider more epic experiences - strong storylines, stretching out long over time and with at least pieces that can be quite challenging to deal with.
Guild Wars' skill system makes it also that you may have to consider and try out various tactics that may change, but are not necessarily locked into a specific cookie-cutter pattern.

Bloody Gallery sounds a bit more like City of Heroes/Villains type of encounters, where a full team (8 persons) typically has to deal with groups of enemies that are perhaps 12 different enemies of various types. Pulling may mor may not get the whole group and problems often arises when you get more than one group of mobs.

I am not sure if CoH/CoV style encounters do work as well in RoM though. But that remains to be seen.


CoV/CoH instances were fun, but repetitive after a while. And they were pretty vanilla and simple.

WoW is going towards less class specific enounters and less consumables. You have 4 tanks to choose from now and several types of healing is now workable. Disc is the most popular build for raiding Priests, if you can believe that.

For a 5 man instance, you need a tank, a healer and 3 other guys. I miss the dynamic of needing CC, but I also enjoy playing classes that don't bring solid CC to the table, so it's not a bad thing imo. Also, they are introducing dual-specs in the near future, so that should change the dynamic even further.

I'm always playing catch-up when it comes to end-game, so the difficulty level is fine with me. I was barely attuned to BWL when TBC dropped and did a few runs of Sunwell when Wrath came out, so I'm pleased that it's likely I'll see more endgame this time around.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Black - I prefer the idea of not being forced out of my combo for raid-level content. I've never been a dedicated healer as I went Shadow Priest, Feral Druid and Shockadin. Having already had the Warlock at max level for a couple of years, I only raided on her.

I have a very usual combination and my gear full represents the combo. If I have to raid as one or the other then I'll have to gather two sets of gear and spend my talent points VERY different than I have so far and it would cost me real money to change back and forth.


They eliminated spellpower/healpower gear. It's all the same stat now. That eliminated two 'trees' to itemize...no more healing -or- damage gear.

I hardly ever did any raid healing with my priest, but there were times when a healer would drop in Kara and I'd hearth back to grab my crap healing set and respec. Now it looks like you can do the respec on the fly and your gear is your gear...insofar as healing goes.

Tanks will dual spec dps and whatever prot tree their particular class has. They will have to keep two sets of gear, but it's not like anyone else is going to want to roll on stuff like that.

Tank threat is much higher across the board and the current endgame raiding is a lot easier compared to previous early raids from vanilla and TBC.

A little OT, but the Deathknight starter area and the Wrathgate questline in Dragonblight were really amazing. I'm hoping phasing gets used a lot more...it's seriously game changing. I usually dislike cut-scenes, but was very impressed.

Alysianah aka Saylah

It's about time! That whole respec issue was annoying especially for a hybrid class and I flat out refused to be bothered gathering multiple sets of gear.

The problem I see is that they are pushing a lot of WOW into a vanilla one-size fits all sleeve. It will be interesting to see how the player base responds overall.

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There is one thing that gear or specs can't substitute: The skill of a player in his respective raid role.

In my opinion, the needed roles to overcome an encounter should depend on the players ability to actually fill the role with his experience and skill, not the gear+spec alone.

Warrior Guide

Well yeah, I kind of love the complexity of the boss encounter. The harder the better. But you are absolutely right - the more Blizzard turns to the "bring the player" concept, the easier encounter will be.

But what is it worth to kill a boss if it's so easy you can even change your spec beforehand? If you don't have to completely *master* your class?

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