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February 15, 2009



Great to hear that you picked up the Ventis crown :) On my server the prices are more in 50k-70k range, which means I might have a look at buying that one.

It is indeed only a crafted set of clothes, I belive the recipes are dropped/rewarded for some high 20s instance if I recall correctly.

My rogue has the complete Silverspring armor set now, which has some nice +dex, +crit etc with all pieces.

Your leveling approach is a bit similar to mine - I also alternate between the classes, doing 1-2 levels on ech before switching. While I do save some quests for the "other" class I am not so strict that only do kill with one and only quests with the other.

I still do not see any rest xp, so I guess I am not fulfilling whatever minimum criteria there may be there.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Sente - you don't see any bonus XP gain from furniture on the ExtendedXP progress bar? I'm not sure if it's from logging out in your house or spending in-game time in your house. I think it's just having the character there even while logged off because I always have 25% to 50% bonus on my bar and I don't spend that much in-game time in my house. I'm going to search the forum.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Information is very sketchy and thin on content. It seems that it's gained by being in your house while logged into the game. That doesn't seem right though. I log off in my house and always have XP bonus gain (study).


I have tried both staying in the house as well as logging off in the house, no xp or tp bonus and certainly not showing up in ExtendedXP.

I suspect that one probably have to have a certain amount of bonus items in the house to trigger at all. I think right now I have maybe 35 for xp, 45 for tp and 50 each for cooking and alchemy.

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's odd and I don't think it's intentional for there to be a minimum. The only thread I saw where this was discussed and a GM was responding, there were people that weren't getting anything either. While others were confused about training versus study. You should try reporting it as bugged.

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