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January 20, 2009



Last night I was fighting with a couple of other wizards, killing trash mobs for a "Kill 12" quest. I noticed this one wizard wasn't casting spells, he was always passing. Finally, he had six power pips all shining around him, and he plays a Centaur -- a typically low-powered Life school (not his school) spell that really needs to be buffed with blades and traps to be effective. It does its 500 or so damage and vanishes.

He spent six rounds waiting to play this card instead of playing cards in his school, probably because he liked the animation or something.

I don't think kids will have any trouble learning combos. I do think they'll like them so much that they'll use them even when they don't make sense.


My kids are 8 and 11. They currently enjoy ToonTown. I purchased a year sub to W101 for them and they logged in maybe twice.

It's just not grabbing them the way ToonTown does.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - That can be annoying especially if they entered your combat bringing along another mob. That sort of behavior lengths the fight and I see hit happen often. All I can do is shake my head, especially when the spell fizzles after all the build up and I 1-shot it on my next turn. Oh kiddies. I agree that many would understand how to use combination spells if they were added.

@Ethic - Aww, sorry you subscribed for the whole year up front. You should play it instead. :-) My nephew has played WOW, WAR and W101 with us. He took to W101 immediately but ran out of steam in the 2nd world Krokotopia. It requires more help and guidance and no one in his household plays games. He's not on late in the evening when I play. In other games he had my son but not anymore. My son has left the MMO genre altogether. In the end, my nephew opted to go back to WOW and play WOTLK.

He'd also been on ToonTown but liked W101 better. I guess it's a matter of taste like all things.


I don't feel bad about paying for the year. I enjoyed playing it off and on. They just didn't care for it so the sub will not be renewed.


I would really like to see some synergies between schools. Give me a reason to play Fire/Ice, for example. Say, a card that is only available to wizards specializing in those schools. Perhaps the mechanic would be a Fire card that "consumes" an Ice Shield to do some sort of dual elemental damage, or even some sort of combined damage from another school for another tactical layer. (Fire+Ice=Death Steam?) It might have a "base" mode that does damage, but if the "synergy" condition is present, it does dual damage, or maybe does damage and applies a debuff. There really is a lot of design space to explore there, what with the different schools and effects the cards generate.

This is initially what I thought Balance promised, as a "creative synthesis of the other schools" but Balance turned out to be a bit more... canned than that idea. It's still cool, but hardly the creative outlet I imagined.

These synergy cards, of course, would be granted via build-specific quests. May as well strengthen the storytelling and lore as you increase the game depth.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh I like that idea. It would add creativity to your magic school selections and playing that combination.


Hmm. I wonder what the percentage make-up of the paying players are in game. If older than 18 has a significant percent, I wouldn't be surprised if your words could carry some weight. But ultimately, if the adult conglomerate is not a significant amount of paying players, it is pretty common sense that your needs/complaints/suggestions will be less likely to be listened to.


Some of the instances that are found in Wizard City are way too hard for children, not least Sunken Temple.

The latter should have been either (a) much easier to access and complete
or (b) at a minimum be in Krokotopia.

Going from a solo easy-play fight-one-mob-at-once game to a tough, inaccessable instance is not going to endear itself to a bunch of 8 year olds.

I think 2-player instances would be much more successful, and much easier to get a group (pair?) for, particularly as there is no lfg, and you have to rely on in-game 'friends'.

Could you trust 3 other strangers to last the course in a 3 hour instance? I had trouble doing some of the tower instances in Ravenwood (where have those gone by the way?).
After 3 or at the most 4 floors I usually found myself alone.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Vlad - I agree that there are some encounters and puzzles I simply do not see children completing unaided which is why my nephew left. Unlike WOW, where he had my son to play with it was only me in W101. He's in bed or doing homework the hours that I'd be playing so he got stuck in Krokotopia.

They have made many of the toughest content optional so that's very good. Personally, I'd love a server for non parental controlled characters. :-) But that's a pipe dream and selfish. I'd settle for unfiltered IM chat with friends.

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