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January 16, 2009



You don't need to bring shields, traps and stuff. You can use the PASS button to skip your turn. Go to the WC library, buy your +ACC cards, go to Unicorn Way and just keep passing/making treasure cards in some random encounter off the beaten path so people don't join you. Then either pop them with whatever damage spell you have left after making TCs, or flee...

Also, check your deck for Mutate cards. These can sometimes turn your spells into similar spells in other schools of magic, for even more fun.

Capn John

Tipa, I believe Sayla is including the Shields, Wards, Traps, etc, so she has Cards to discard, thus allowing her to Draw the +10% Accuracy Treasure Cards.


Oh, duh. Of course you're right.

Lauren Bryant

They're also useful if you'd like to build TCs while farming mobs on a current quest. The shields help me keep the battling going while I build cards. I don't want to kill them until I'm all done.

I started by doing in at Unicorn Way but then that's extra/unnecessary kills versus doing on mobs you already need.

@Capn - I got the picture of your Death Wizard. He looks very cool. Will get posted this weekend.


Wow, I am so ignorant about this game, either that or I truly am a casual in the strongest sense.
While I have a number of +10% hit cards, I have not used any, simply because I hardly ever have trouble winning encounters.
Yes, the occasional Fizzle is a bit annoying, but I tend to compensate by necer choosing cards with less than 80% hit, and if possible stack cards with greater than that.

Anyway, as usual, kudos to you.

Lauren Bryant

@Vlad - I think you will find this technique more useful to you if you are soloing once you hit the second world, Krokotopia. Until that point I found soloing everything straight forward with the exception of Sunken City. Give it a try so that you'll have the hang of making them and rotating them into you hand before you need the technique.

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