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January 23, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Evil emo?

It was the shoes, wasn't it? Good thing I got some new gear shortly afterwards including a new pair of shoes.


Since names aren't unique, you can't identify a character by their name. And if not their name, how else could you choose them? That's why you can only befriend the people you can click on.


Well if there is any chance I can come to Sunken City with you guys I would be grateful.

I have attempted it twice, and both times it consisted of people running out of mana and simply Fleeing and not coming back.

I'm level 20 now, so I should be 'good enough'.

I leave it up to you.

Winged Nazgul

20 is fine. Tried to solo it at 29 yesterday after I got my fire minion. For my fire minion quest, I had to solo 2 bosses at once and they had 1000 and 2000 HP respectively. So I was full of gumption after that success.

I didn't even make it past the first trio of mobs before I gave up to go back to leveling. :(

Lauren Bryant

@Tipa - They could give us a unique code like the True Friend that does the enabling of text chat on a menu-chat restricted character. Then I could send the code to friends. There is a unique value or something stored for each character that's how the game knows who you are and stores your information correctly. They could just expose that value so we can hand it off to people.

@Winged - I made it as far as defeating 3 in a 5 v 1 but you just can't make it thru that place solo. I can't do it this weekend but could during next week. Shall I post a particular thread and people respond with best times we can all see then decide who & when?

Lauren Bryant

@Winged - It was the sour-puss face with the twinkle-toe shoes. LOL

Capn John

Being that I'm a Westie, I'd need a time that's probably later than comfortable for you East Coasties, especially if we schedule it for a week night.

A good run at Sunken City would probably take an hour & a half. The main problem being (IIRC) that some fights are unavoidable. Even sticking to the inside edge of the sidewalk you still find yourself getting pulled into some battles, particularly in the first section. Once you get through the first gate I believe sidewalks are more Player Friendly.

The second problem is there's a 5-floor (IIRC) Tower near the end that has to be completed, because you need a drop from the Boss at the top in order to get to the final boss.

I Pugged it on my Life Wizard the first time around and it took a while. Second time I Duo'd it with my son, and it still took a looong time. My Death Wizard hasn't done it yet. It's just such a chore.

Lauren Bryant

@John - Yep, SC is a pain in the booty. :-) With Tipa and I alone it took a while and I started feeling guilty for consuming so much of her time. However, with 3 or 4 players it would have to go much faster. It's just the timing of the thing.

They so need to had some sort of group friend chat, guilds or something to help people facilitate in game communication around planning events. As it stands now it's 100% reliant on outside tools - blogs, email, external chat client, etc. When doing the more challenging content is that extra little spice that is great for more mature players. But man the game makes communication so damned hard.


If it takes too much co-ordination (as I am probably 10 hours ahead of Capn John), I can give it a miss, though it would be nice to get that quest out of my book.

Lauren Bryant

@Vlad - the first hurdle is just getting on each other's friends list. Once that's done then it's easy to just do it when we notice each other online.

Last night Capn and I joined Ronin in finishing his last two instances to unlock Mooshu. It wasn't pre-arranged just chatting an realizing what he was doing and offered to help. If you're 10 head of John your 7 ahead of me. Email me and lets see if we can at least exchange friends list. I can always pop on real quick during a lunch hour to do it.

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