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January 21, 2009



Exciting! I'm still addicted to working through Dragonspyre, but I plan on putting a lot of time int PvP when I'm through with it.

Capn John

I believe (but am not positive) that the AOE spell which wipes out Buffs & Debuffs is the lvl 42 Myth spell "Earthquake".

Winged Nazgul

Very nice. I need me one of those pocket healers methinks...or maybe I should roll one up myself.

Lauren Bryant

@Tipa - Cool. Does this mean you're going to quit Oni? I'm still waiting to encounter this Oni thing people speak of farming so much. :-)

@John - I think you're right. Because the ground rumbled like and earthquake. That thing sucks in PVP. LOL. Rounds of work building up buffs and de-buffs wiped cleaned was wicked.

@Winged - Dont start showing people up here with your multiple max level alts. :-)

Capn John

I got my Death Wizard to 24 last night, and am almost done with the second Krokotopia stage, then it will be just the Sphinx (I think, 3rd Krok area) and I'll be in Marleybone.

Funny, I'm having more fun playing through content again with my Death Wizard, than experiencing the brand new (for me) Moo Shu content on my 36 Life Wizard. Even knowing Dragonspyre is just around the corner isn't incentive enough to crank out some Moo Shu quests :P

Lauren Bryant

Oh stop making me jealous. I wish i had 2 boxed at least until Kroko. Marleybone is my favorite. For now I'll keep moving forward to DS. I'd like to setup a static PVP team if anyone is interested.

Capn John

I'd definitely be interested in forming a PvP team. Probably best to bring my Healer, I suspect :)

Just imagine us on a Skype conference call (or Vent) in a 4v4. The other team wouldn't know what hit them. Especially if we wait until the countdown reaches 5 seconds before selecting our Spells & Targets.

The other team would be frantically typing to each other while we sit there, silent, apparently doing nothing.

"What are they doing?"
"I don't know!"
"Are they even there?"

Then with 5 seconds to go we all make our move, leaving them with literally no time to counter.

With the way W101's turn-based combat works, a Team that doesn't need to rely on W101's limited chat to coordinate attacks AND has the Casting Initiative (First Strike FTW!) would be devastating.

Winged Nazgul

Oh you know I'm in for any PVP teams.

Let me know when you all want to get one going. Maybe we can use the CoW Vent for coordination if they wouldn't mind? Technically, both Saylah and I are still CoW's even though we're not playing WAR or WoW.

Lauren Bryant

I'm totally up for it. It would be nice if we had a static time but impromptu will also work. I've found that late in the evening until the wee hours, you find some serious PVP players - the max level grand master characters beating up on folks. Early Sat and Sun I beat up on kiddies to recover my ranking. LOL

I'm done for it any time. You get ranking regardless of group size so if we do impromptu whenever whoever is on, there is no disadvantage other than using strangers if we want 4v4.

Vent or Skype is fine by me.

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