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January 12, 2009



Moo Shu is not a huge world, but it goes a lot faster with friends. Bug me for help any time. I love the boss instances of Moo Shu.


We all would really like to see you enter Dragonspyre with us, I'm sure. The game is much more fun played with friends (though it's decently fun solo).

Lauren Bryant

Thanks. I'm trying. I'm messing around in EVE now too but just doing a lot of setup and preparation activities. W101 still has the lion's share of my time.

I'm not rushing or racing. The content just propels you along. I'll say, just an hour...just one quest. The next thing I know it's midnight!

Capn John

I took out two floors of Trash Mobs while waiting for you to get back, and was waiting at Spike the Crusher (he's the secret Boss, the one you spawned by spilling the Milk ;) for what seemed like forever before I decided to finally have a go at him, because I really wanted you to be there when I, I mean we (heh heh) beat him in case he dropped some cool loot. Phew! Take a breath after reading that sentence, a biiiiig one :D

I believe Spike had two guards with him to start, but when you finally got power and made it back in it was just Spike and me, and I was running low on both Health & Healing spells, so I was really glad to see you :D

With Spike down that just left Meowiarty and his two guards, and we made short work of them, before taking down the Cat's Meow himself.

I'm glad we were able to get Big Ben completed for you, and get you out of the eternal night that is Marleybone, and into the daylight and Feudal Japanese setting of Moo Shu :)

Lauren Bryant

Wow, that was very good timing then! Moo Shu is so cute. I so prefer the sunshine, grass, flowers, etc. I was able to enjoy Marleybone's perpetual darkness because the these was so unique in MMOs - steampunk.


Respecs would be absolutely wonderful. Um... yeah... that's about all I can say on this one. I'm still puttering around in Wizard City. Maybe once I get a raise at work I'll buy the rest of the content via Access Passes. I'm really loving this game. It scratches an itch that I didn't know existed; somewhere between my MTG itch and my MMO itch.

Capn John

Respecs would be awesome, especially considering spells from secondary schools don't get the 2-pip bonus from Power Pips.

Especially considering that if you roll an Alt you're going to find yourself doing, quite literally, every single quest ALL over again. I guess that's one good thing WoW had going for it, variety at most levels, so Alts weren't a huge chore until about your fourth or fifth one :P

Lauren Bryant

That's one of the corners they've painted themselves into. You literally do have to repeat content. So although I want to try a different class I'm not in the mood right not to do all the content over but I'd like to tweak what I originally selected.

I think that's one of the motivations for PVP. It's something to do in between new content if you don't want to re-roll characters. And with such a low monthly price, it's easy to hang on even if you're not into PVP and have run out of content.

Capn John

Yeah, my Death Wizard is in his low 20s at the moment, and just completed the first part of Krokotopia. I have two more areas/zones to complete before moving on to Marleybone, and I have to complete them. It's not like I can just grind to level 30 then move on; I have to do these quests to unlock the Spiral Door to MB. Now I could teleport to a friend in MB, but w/o completing the crucial quests in Krok. the quest givers in MB won't even give me the time of day, so it's pointless grinding levels because you just cannot skip the content.

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