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January 29, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Currently have a 10 Knight/1 Priest on the Artemis server. I checked this title out a few weeks back and it definitely showed some promise but still had some rough edges that made me want to check back later on down the road on its progress.

I should read those forums you mentioned. There were some questions I had about crafting and the rune system. Something was probably lost in the translation I imagine.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Hey now, I'm on Artemis too. I'll be leaving my Knight where she is since this is only BETA. If they drop the mana requirements, up the DPS a little, etc to tweak her performance, she'd be my first choice.

I haven't done any crafting other than the quests they use to introduce you to the system. Don't know how to make runes either. So far I'm just slotting the ones I find. It's seems like 12/12 and 15/15, 20/20 are like milestone levels - maybe you get unique/elite skills. Until I get 10/10, I'm not investing in farming stuff so that leaves out crafting. I want to see if I'm in a game that might have legs for a bit first.

I've added links to the two important threads discussing Battle Monk at the bottom of the article.


Woo, I'm happy you're having fun in Runes of Magic, Saylah! Glad to know I got at least one suggestion right (I've been suggesting games to some friends who ask me and it's been more miss than hit lately.)

I still haven't tried ROM yet. I just completely and utterly forgot about it until I read your post. I should download it again -- the little bug that kept crashing me is probably gone by now (every time I turned my character to the right, I ended up CTD, which meant I didn't do squat). I still need to redownload Wizard101 after reformatting my computer and installing Windows again. :P

Does the crafting actually have you make a million useless thing-a-ma-bobs before you can make a useful fooz-a-thingy?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Mallika - Yes, it's definitely worth a look for anyone that's lacking a full fledged fantasy MMO. I don't know if you really have to craft a lot of junk first. The complaints I saw on the forums were about the number of mats needed which hopefully will get tweaked.

When I'm ready to delve into in I'm sticking with my favorite thing when it's available, cooking. That and alchemy at least produce things all of your characters can use. Cooking is never a huge money maker but it's definitely useful and appeals to the RP side of me.


Runes of Magic does sound interesting with the dual class system. I'm just wondering how they are planning on making money. Most free to play games either require a subscription for higher end content or sell items to players. Any idea which one ROM will use or will it be a combination of both like W101?

Oh and don't hate the dailies so much, they were mostly put into WoW to combat gold farmers.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Relm - I know why they went in there. The problem is that it causes a shifting in the economy whereby everyone must now do them to be competitive in purchasing items.

Last night while fumbling around trying to figure out how to close the UI to take screen-shots, I found an item mall. It was late and I wanted to get this post done so I didn't have time to poke around too much. However, it seems like they are going the way of W101 but I don't there will a sub for content.

What I saw were vanity items and a whole lot of commonly needed items for sale such as crafting supplies, housing items, xp boost potions, skill boost potions and mounts. But to keep the peace between players who can and/or are willing to pay real money and those who cant/wont, the same items are for sale via in game currency that you earn via dailies - special tickets.

If this is the way it works, then I think it's great. People who want these items can: farm for them, purchase with in-game gold, purchase via dailies or use real money. Like I felt with W101, this screams win-win in my book. Let each player decide what they are willing to invest to acquire goods. The mix-n-match possibilities are great.

The item mall will be their revenue stream and many things that would normally be permanent are timed such as mounts and vanity pets. They do a couple of other rather unique things that I'll touch on later. One that makes me think it's not going to be as heavily gear dependent as other MMOs. But I'm not sure yet.

And I think they're having Live Events like WAR too.


Step away from the keyboard...lol

Crack is bad...

Bad Crack is even worse..

Does Blizzard even realize how much of a killing it could do with a proper game with housing and not so cartoony graphics?
This game is pure 100% unadulterated copying from other games, and not as well...
Can't we just let these bad games die!


Did you know that Dailies were implemented for casual players because they complained about not getting enough money without raiding? Also you can get a ton of gear in WoW doing 10 quests a day until you gain exalted, on your time and for about one hour. Not to mention vanity pets and mounts

It seems that no matter what, the Anti-WoW crowd is going to complain.


Openedge, if we're letting bad games die, who will put WoW out of its misery? As Saylah aptly points out, it's pretty much the same core gameplay. People are just afraid to look at WoW critically and see the bad design for what it is.


Raiding is generally known as a huge money sink because of repair costs, reagents, and flasks. I'm pretty sure dailies were put in to offer raiders an alternative to buying gold.

An item mall where you can buy items either with game currency or RL currency sounds like an acceptable Free to Play model. How is the dungeon running in Runes of Magic? That's usually my favorite part of a MMO.

Winged Nazgul

Great article on RoM crafting here:


Alysianah aka Saylah

@hudson - Like Relm said dailies were NOT for casuals it was for raiders. Some of the top raiding guilds openly admitted to buying gold for repair bills and consumables. Adding dailies for gold caused inflation and everything cost more as a result so it was do dailies or now you can't afford things you could before.

I'm not a WOW hater but I honestly don't understand logging into a game to do homework aka dailies. :-)

@Relm - I would have preferred the figure out a way to reduce the gold sinks versus adding more gold into the economy.

I haven't played enough to know about dungeons. Only having just decided on the class combo, I need to get out of the noob zone. I'm out of the starter area on my main but in an area that's the equivalent of Goldshire.

@Winged - thx

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh - Totally. I want something new or more than the same old fare. And if that can't be had then F2P is getting closer to offering the same as subs, so why not go F2P where I can CHOOSE what I'm willing to grind or not.

Winged Nazgul

Massively just picked up this post BTW:


Alysianah aka Saylah

@Winged - Nice and thanks for heads-up. I forget to review site referrals like I forget to check to see if legit comments are stuck spam filter. :-/

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