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January 31, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Just popped into RoM for a bit after your post yesterday. It still feels like they need to add more needed audio in the game as a lot of activities are strangely silent and stuff like fighting with my Knight sounds strangely like wind chime wars.

But I will check in on this title from time to time. The great thing about F2P is you don't have to feel like you're funding a Beta like in some games.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I was going to comment on that in a article about ambiance which is noticeably missing. I know many gamers who mute game sounds and music but I'm not one of them. I noticed the lack of audio within the first few minutes. Fortunately, it's something that's probably easy to add later. The other issue is the mobs all sound the same when you're fighting them - like yipping children which isn't a good visual when I'm whacking things with a broad sword. :-)

Exactly - come and go. You don't have to get your box price worth or subscription's worth.

I hate to ask but what level are you in W101? *winces*

Winged Nazgul

43 - Got my Helephant and Stormzilla spells and also farmed a bit for my first sword off Oyutomi - woot!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Winged - Wow nice. Still no sword but I haven't tried farming for one yet.


"Of all the games I wished I enjoyed more, EQ2 has been number one for years. No other games has made me wish so hard that I could tolerate the leveling and questing system more than EQ2."

Saylah, we are very much the same on that score. I adore the housing aspect in EQ2 and I like the crafting system as well (though at times, when I was having a marathon crafting session, I would wish that I could change to the easy 'click and wait' type system) -- I have always said that EQ2 ought to have been THE perfect game for me, since it is just full of stuff that I love, and full of fluff. But alas, I really disliked the questing system. I disliked how you had to go searching for a 'named' mob for some quests and if you didn't find him, you had to just keep killing generic mobs until he decided to spawn; I hated the map system (I don't know who thought it was a good idea to just have continent names slapped on a map without any way to go into closer detail -- dude, I didn't grow up in Norrath. I have no idea where this area I'm supposed to go is, or even what continent)I hated how combat was handled ...

It got bad enough that by the time I was level 27 all I did was run around gathering resources so I could level up my carpentry (ah, how I loved my carpenter and all the furniture and decorations she could make), because -- to put it bluntly -- the questing and combat in EQ2 just annoyed the shit out of me.

(And one thing that always irritated me was the way dresses looked on females. Seriously, the leg slits? On EVERY single dress? UGH.)

Even with all that, I always look at EQ2 with sincere regret that I couldn't get into it. Housing in LotRO feels like a complete joke (i.e., 'decorating hooks') after experiencing the EQ2 housing and decorating system, what with its 'put anything anywhere, and with some ingenuity and imagination you could turn this space into a recreation of an Arabian harem room or theater or jazz lounge or whatever you desire.' I liked that everyone could gather everything, and that it was the rares that popped up from time to time during harvesting that were used to create the more powerful things. (I don't like the crit system in LotRO crafting. I tend to ignore it for now, because I don't feel like getting myself worked up about failing to get a critical success after going to all the trouble to gather various materials and a rare or two to attempt to craft a powerful version of a normal item.)

I miss the housing, carpentry profession, crafting, craft writs, guild leveling system, the fact that you could have a top-level crafter while being a very low-level adventurer or not even going out of the city at all ... basically I miss all the things outside of the combat, the questing, the zoning, the choppiness (despite my computer being able to handle the latest games on highest settings), and the graphics.

Ah, EQ2. No matter how many times I tried (4), I just couldn't get into it. I'd love half the game and hate the other half, and the half I hated was a rather important part.

Winged Nazgul

Actually, the MMO that I wish I could really get into but just never could was Star Wars Galaxy when it first came out. But Everquest II is a really close second.


Great review, makes me want to play!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Mallika - To Sony's credit they continue to try and make the game more causual friendly. They've revamped crafting multiple times, have added more solo-friendly content, user friendly zones and even crafting instances. However, that can't offset the fundamentals of a game that has been around for years so, I just can't. :-)

@Winged - SWG never tickled my fancy but am intested in seeing how KOTOR turns out.

@Tipa - I don't think you'd get as much enjoyment. You love EQ2 and this doesn't have the same level of polish and ambiance. For a true EQ2 player I think the shortcomings would be rather glaring to you. But hey, it's free so when you have some spare time drop in. I'll show you my room. YES, I already succumbed to furnishing it. I couldn't resist. :-)


I been playing ROM for the passed two days. I'm currently doing Mage (11) /Priest (9).

I'm enjoying the game, it feels just like WOW for me, but free, heh.

As far as the enemies go, I believe their health when fighting is based on a percentage. I usually hit for 70-100 with my Fireballs and I do not 1-shot them, however their health go down by like 35-45 instead of the shown damaged I made which leads me to believe it's a percentage and not the actual amount.

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