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January 08, 2009


Capn John

OMG! You got a Spider Pet! Awesome! I Farmed the Gobbler Prince just because a lot of the gear he (& his guard) drops sells for over 100g, and I wanted to get my new Death Wizard a Goat Pet (4,000g from Moo Shu) and I wound up with 3 Snow Snake pets each on my Death Wizard and my son's Wizard. BUT A FREAKING SPIDER PET! AWESOME!!! (I know, I know. I said that ;)


You is Teh Luckiest!

And awesome job soloing Katz's Lab. Some will say, "Meh! Big deal! It's a kids' game!"

Me? I know better. Well done!

Double-teaming this content with my son is almost trivial. If I forget to Heal, or one of us takes a couple of big, consecutive hits, it's no big deal. You just Rez back in Town, pop a Potion to restore Health & Mana, then Teleport straight back into the fight. At most, you miss one round of Combat.

But solo? Where you can't perform the Potion Rez trick. Kudos to you!

I think the closest I can come to that at the moment is soloing a few of the Krokotopia Bosses on my Death Wizard and getting items that I can't yet use, because my Wizard is only level 18 and the items have a lvl 20+ requirement.


Why more games don't have scripted solo content utterly eludes me. Some personal favorites over the years:

Anarchy Online has a system for generating instanced missions. It is possible to generate solo missions that cater to heavy combat or stealth play.

City of Heroes scales the difficulty all regular door missions to party size, from solo to a full party.

DDO added solo instances a few months after luanch.

Lord of the Rings online has many instanced missions that can only be completed solo. You can't even start them if you are in a party.

What I personally would really like to see are more games that steal the mission generating system from Anarchy Online. An incredibly fun system buried in an out of data and clunky game.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Capn - I've been very lucky with pet drops which is awesome since I'm trying to collect the rare ones. On the other hand, I've been unlucky with the unique staffs. I've yet to have anything as interesting as what you've gotten. Can't have everything I suppose. ;-)

@Yeebo - I keep meaning to try the COH/COV trial. Comics aren't my thing but I should give it a go. Before recently, I wouldn't have bet on liking Wizard101 since it's turn-based and for kids.

I keep hearing good things about AO too. Is that the game that's going to be having a massive graphics update?

Capn John

Waahhh! I'm standing here on the 13th floor of Big Ben, right in front of the final Stray Cat. There's just two more floors to go, and that includes the final floor where you face Meowiarty himself, and your power went out and you haven't come back!

/sad panda :(

Of course it's also 2:30am your time, so I can hardly expect you to stay up just in case the power comes back on so you can come back into Big Ben.


I completely agree with you about the whole soloing thing, and how I snort when people tell me to go play a single-player RPG. I want to be part of a living world, where I see characters run around and know there's an actual people behind them, where I sell something on the auction house and know that the money I received was from another person, where I can talk and make friends even if I like doing normal quests alone, where I can group if I want to in order to tackle the more difficult things, and so on and so on.

Single-player RPGs, to me, feel dead. Sure I can RP by myself, but why the heck would I want to do that when I can go RP in an MMO game with an actual living, breathing person who can communicate back to me? Besides, I like being part of a persistent yet ever-changing world where stuff is added, and single-player RPGs don't have that (with the exception of expansions, but ... eh).


Agreed on the solo aspect of MMOs. I solo a lot as well, but it's neat to be able to group occasionally, meet other people and stumble across each other in adventures. The other day, I was sneaking around Moria when another burglar, also sneaking, and I accidentally walked through each other. There's a brief flash / noise as the other stealthed person pops into and out of visibility. It was hilarious. If we hadn't walked through each other, we would have passed each other without knowing it. Odd things like that never happen in an RPG. I like RPGs like Oblivion but there's always a lingering feeling when I'm playing them that it would be so much cooler if only I could share my adventures with other people.


"I like RPGs like Oblivion but there's always a lingering feeling when I'm playing them that it would be so much cooler if only I could share my adventures with other people."

That's a great way of putting it, Khan. I play a lot of RPGs outside of my MMOGs, but I usually only play them once through for the story and move on. Indeed, MMOGs could learn a lot about story from offline RPGs these days, and here's hoping BioWare puts their expertise there to good use in SW:TOR.

I love RPGs, but like you say there's just something missing from them when you're a fan of the MMOG. It's the people. Similarly, in an MMOG WITHOUT many people, the game's faults and grinds can be more easily seen.

I'm anxious to see what this year's (and next year's) titles have in store for us. The general concensus is that MMOGs DO need to move past the gear/level treadmills. Storyline and immersion are one of the areas that could help diverge from this, and Champions, DCU, Star Trek, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars, The Agency, are all claiming to focus more on story.

Star Wars more than others of course.

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