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January 26, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Thanks again for the help last night.

But it's Ronan with an A not like a masterless samurai. :P

Alysianah aka Saylah

LOL. You're welcome RonAn. I think I found all the mistakes. No search and replace in Typepad. I almost hate to ask but what level are you now?

Winged Nazgul

Currently 37. Trying for 38 tonight.

Alysianah aka Saylah

You're sick - just sick. :-P Only 1 level behind me?? Geez, I feel like a slow-poke now. LOL

I want to farm Jade Oni. Please look me up if you get the quest to go there. I swear by all that's W101 sacred someone is gonna give me a damn uncommon weapon! I can't believe I haven't found a single staff or cool weapon yet! Seriously, like WTF!

Winged Nazgul

Yeah, I'm not too lucky with boss drops either. I'll be sure to let you in on any Jade Oni attempts - that boss sounds pretty hard.

Took the day off from work today so was able to put some time into leveling. 38 now and doubt I'll be able to get further tonight.

Capn John

My son's Wizard has an awesome Polearm-style Staff waiting for him at level 40. Pity he's only 36 at the moment :(

I think I put it in the Chest in his Dorm...oh, I'll have to go to a Vendor and click it (to equip it in the dressing room) to see if it look's as cool as it should. I'll send you a pic tonight.

I would have done all of Big Ben with you that night, except I remembered that a Two Wizard team usually only spawns 2 Mobs per floor (except for Boss floors) while a Three Wizard team spawns FOUR Mobs, so if I'd come along for the ride it probably would have taken a lot longer. IIRC correctly I had to break for dinner at that point, but I logged in as soon as I could afterwards, and when I joined you was amazed to see you were already on Spike the Crusher. And on the next floor was Malistair, Meowiarty and their henchmen. So you guys really tore up Big Ben :)

And Ronan has already passed my Life Wizard! Damn, man! You're a leveling machine!

Of course I've been playing my Death Wizard, who's less than a bubble from 33, and working on Knight's Court. Soon, it will be Counterweight Towers and Big Ben time for him.

Sometimes I cannot believe how much fun I'm having with this "kiddies" game :P

Winged Nazgul

Same here, Capn.

If KingsIsle made some tweaks to make this game more adult-friendly, they could have a mainstream hit on their hands.

Winged Nazgul

Oh BTW, I talked about this on my blog yesterday:


Yes, I went up 3 levels in one day in W101. I couldn't help it. One quest led to another and before I knew it, I was 38.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Capn - Man, I think I'd like to trade my luck for getting rare pets for the weapons. I don't even care about the stats it's just nice to have something cool to run around with. I've bothered really farming them though because you change items so quickly. Once I hit max level, I will spend some time farming what's appropriate for that level.

@Ronan - WOW, just wow. I'm so jealous. I wish I had the patience to go back and do a Death Mage. I'm having a ton of fun but not enough to re-do content when there's still unseen adventures ahead of me.

I also agree that if they would just do a few things here and there for adults this could be mainstream. Something that should be simple based on their existing mechanics would an adult server. You could port to a restricted server (existing ruleset) to play with your kids or port to an adult server for unfiltered chat, trading items, etc.


I have to admit these W101 stories very much make me want to try it! I may just look into downloading that client soon...

Alysianah aka Saylah

It's not going to be for everyone but you have nothing to lose by trying other than time. :-) I would think this game would appeal to the COV/COH crowd too as they're clearly okay with running around in a game that feels like you're an active part of a cartoon. You have to like those graphics and the slower, but considerably more strategic play of a turn-based card game. I'm sure it doesn't hurt if you like card games too. I happen to fit the bill for this appealing to an adult of that nature.

Come on board, it doesn't bite and is only an "un-install" away if you don't like it. :-)

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