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January 21, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Destroyers make awesome salvagers with their 8 high slots BTW. 4 Tractor Beams and 4 Salvagers make for easy peasy salvaging. So it's never a wasted purchase IMO.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I am going to upgrade to something better for salvaging after I can actually target more than 2 things at a time. I had no idea there was a targeting skill. DOH! Right now my training plan is filling in other strange gaps like that and targeting is among them. *sigh*

I think certifications will help new players in that regard. I got some basic and obvious skill points. Afterward I started fitting ships and built my training around getting in those ships.

This is still my original character that was going to do mining > came back to do PVE > then PVP and now... Which has left me with a very shotgun splattering of skills which I'm rectifying. My current plan calls for 32 days to balance things out, fill in gaps and move forward from there.


Well there is a large overlap between PVE and PVP skills. The big difference is the extra social skills a PVE character wants to get to increase the rewards of missions. The combat skills are mostly the same. Certainly the tanking skills are.


Oh, incidentally, mission rats respawn at down time until you trigger mission completion. You can sometimes leverage this if you know you're going to get a spawn that is particularly valuable to loot but is not part of the mission completion trigger.


Wow - the mission wouldn't let you take in a cruiser? I'm working on some Lvl 1, qual -5 missions up in Amarr space, and I've always been able to take in my cruisers - the gates do whine about my battlecruisers tho'. Hmmm. Perhaps it was just that particular mission, or its quality rating?

Anyways I'm in EVE occasionally to run a mission or two, so some mining and check on my training once in awhile - If you're ever up in Amarr space, give me jingle at character name "Markosias"

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Marchosias - I think it was this particular mission. It was the final mission in a 5-part series. I think it was flagged "Important storyline mission". I've seen larger ships blocked from L1 missions before so I wasn't shocked.

I will look you up.


somewhat OT, but interesting.


Apparently there are player run banks.

Capn John

I downloaded the client last night and will set up a trial account some time during the next couple of days. I'm not sure I'll subscribe but I am curious to see how EVE plays.


I feel your pain. Its a while since I played EVE but I do remember that some level 1 missions were quite tough in a frigate. I generally opted for a cowardly approach - fit long range guns and or missiles plus an afterburner. The use the "keep at distance" function to keep the target at a distance where I could still do damage but they couldn't really hurt me. Destroyers of course make the whole thing a lot easier - especially as most destroyers have some kind of range bonus if I recall.

Capn John

Hmm, I like the look, but there's too much Mouse Controls for me. Too much Right-Clicking "Attack This", etc. I don't really feel like I'm "flying" my space ship, not like it was with Elite and Descent.

Does it get better? More realistic...heh. Realistic space-flight sim ;)


That... actually makes Eve sound quite awesome! Almost enough to make me want to try it :p

Alysianah aka Saylah

@John - No, that doesn't change and that was my first reaction. After playing a while the desire to want to feel like "I'm" flying the ship dissipated as the combat got more complex. Now it would be hard to imagine having to "fly" the ship while trying to deal with 10+ other ships doing their best to kill me. :-)

I mapped many of the interactions to key strokes to avoid all that clicking. I'm a keyboard player and don't like using the mouse too much. Controlling the ship would be very FPS-like in my opinion which I think is what Jump Gate is going for.

It's more like W101 where the planning of the encounter is a more significant factor than who can push buttons faster. And then keeping a level enough head while under attack to execute the plan you made, adjusting where necessary.

It's a huge UI game. I believe there is an expansion coming where more UI refinement but not positive. EVE isn't going to be for everyone but it does have that W101 no grind aspect where planning was half of the battle.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Black - Oh yes, there are player run banks and investment firms. EVE is a full functioning economy with all the things you'd find in real life, including thieves! :-)

@Melf - EVE always as a free trial going so you have nothing to lose by trying it. But as I've said, this game just won't be for everyone and I've come and gone lots of times.

Winged Nazgul

For those folks who already have Steam installed, I'd recommend getting the trial there as the Steam trial give you 21 days.

If you can find it in real life, there's most likely some analog to it in Eve. The game is that deep. Heck, there's even poker tournaments for real isk:


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