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December 07, 2008



My major gripe with W101 is the inability to communicate. The drop down lists just don't work beyond very basic commands.

There also seems to be a lot of griefing, but because I can't speak to people effectively I am unsure just what is going on.

For example (1) people standing on Instance circles, and then when you also step on them, they jump off when the timer is on 1, so you get transported to the encounter alone, and you have to choice but to flee.
(2) People joining instances and then just casting defensive spells and nothing else. Huh? How are we supposed to beat anything if you don't attack them? Even worse people just passing every round and not even using their wands.

Are these people taking the piss, or are they just not sure what they are doing? So frustrating.


I've been following Tipa's posts about Wizard 101 for a while. It's on my list of games to try. I'm curious how the younger audience thing is working out. As Vlad indicates, there could be a higher-than-usual number of younger players who don't have the skills to play or are hoping for someone else to help them through content. I suspect an organized group could do quite well, however.

Casualties of Wizards perhaps? See, CoW works there too! Let the pestering of Bildo commence! :)


I've only had a few bad encounters related to young adults - am assuming there were young.

1. Someone asked for help and shortly after I joined her circle she was AFK. She passed on every single round and didn't respond to chat. I'm assuming she got pulled away or her attention wandered which can be problematic with children. Parent could come yank them away for various reasons or they just lose interest and leave mid combat. I didn't die but was annoyed by having to wait the full count down timer between each round because it's waiting for everyone to select a card.

2. Someone offered to trade cards. I didn't care but was curious as to how it worked. I put in my cards based on their offer then after I clicked accept, they pulled one of their cards out and clicked accept. I accepted the change because I'd stopped paying attention. I think they did it on purpose but because I didn't care about what I was offering or getting it wasn't a big deal. However, I have heard people complain about getting scammed so caution when you're doing it for real.

3. If there are multiple Elites I will often take two passes before starting combat to get a Buff spell going and Debuff, Accuracy or + Damage in the works. The only time I saw players passing like 4+ times was when I was doing the Epic boss in Triton. They were being very silly and trying to get their uber-goober 3PIP spells off. Problem is that when it fizzles you had rounds where most of them cast nothing. As Balance/Storm I can survive their nonsense and nuke the boss myself if it comes to it.

4. Immaturity of the young - On the same boss from #3 we started farming him. However, new players arrived who needed to complete a kill for their quest. I had to remind people who'd already gotten the quest completion to step off the board and let the others have a chance. Some did. Some didn't. Oh well, nothing I could do about it.

5. You can chat freely like in any other MMO if you're of age. I don't know if being a subscriber is a second requirement. I don't think so because I thought I had open chatting available right off the bat. I could be wrong because I knew within a couple of hours that I was keeping the game and subscribed.

6. I did see people doing the jump off square just before you get ported into an instance. At first I didn't know what they were doing. it wasn't until I got my first instance where you enter in that manner that I caught on to that form of griefing. Not sure there's much you can do about it. Add them to your ignore list for sure.

In general, I try to engage mobs away from others to avoid BS and keep the battle moving quickly. When I see someone playing who looks like they have a clue then I consider engaging mobs that would put me into their circle. As for the auto group/pull you in instances. No easy answer other than don't join right away. Stand there and see what people are doing?

Capn John

It sounds like you fought the Kraken boss. That was a fun encounter, especially as you've been running back and forth over the bridge and seeing people fighting him below, all the while you're wondering how to get down there yourself. Then finally the quest opens it up and down you go. You're right though, people like to sit down there and bogart the Battle, respawn after respawn, which sucks if you're trying to complete that leg of the quest.

I have several Mages, but my two favourites are both Life Mages: one in his high 20s that I play mostly by myself, the other in his low 20s, the same level and quest stage as my son's Balance Mage. Because his PC is in his bedroom and mine is in the family room I set him up with a Skype account so we can play W101 together using VOIP.

I've also dual-boxed his & my toons to get some content done, like the Sunken City Instance. I did it first with another group on my high level Life Mage, then later dual-boxed both our Toons through it. Very important to make sure you add your team mates as Friends, because if you die and flee you'll need to Heal Up then Teleport to their location in order to re-enter the same Instance. And you can't Teleport to people who aren't in your Friends' List :)

I actually did that in the second last Tower, right before the Boss battle. It's insanely easy to die & Flee, use a Potion to fully Heal up, then Teleport back to your Friends and rejoin the battle. It almost trivializes the encounters, if it weren't for the fact that you're fighting 4 Elites, or 3 and an Elite Boss.

Only once or twice did I get people standing on Instance Sigils with me then moving off just as the counter hit 1. I was on my Storm Mage who I'd jokingly named after Captain Underpants, so I can understand that people were reluctant to group with someone calling himself Cameron Thunderpants.

I actually prefer my Life Mages as they seem able to solo a lot of content that my Storm and Ice Mages cannot, mainly because they can heal themselves while slowly whittling away their opponents health. Both my Life Mages did Golem Tower at a considerably lower level than my Storm and Ice Mages, thanks to their Healing spells.

I need to work out how to send players my W101 Friend Code so we can add each other as Friends and do some of the Instances together.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Yes, Kraken was the mob. I told my nephew that I'd find out how to send the Friend codes but haven't looked into yet. I'm finding that Balance/Storm makes one hell of a solo class.

Capn John

Doing some research on the Friend Code I only found mention of one: the True Friend Code.

But the way it works is you need to have already added each other as Friends, then you each generate a True Friend Code for that specific person/toon, which allows you to chat to each other, unfiltered, I believe.

Now I was sure I'd been in contact with you via email before, on account of me buying your copy of the WoW Board Game, but I don't seem able to find an email address in my Contacts list that corresponds to you.

Otherwise I'd be able to tell you to meet me at a specific spot on a certain Realm (yes, you can switch Realms) at a certain time, and we could add each other as Friends that way.

Alysianah aka Saylah

There's an email me link top left but since you're not the first to miss it, it's clearly not obvious.

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