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December 07, 2008



Hmm what was the explanation? I cannot get YouTube at work :(


There was code added to randomly generate a number in case of a tie in contribution from PQs. However, it was never intended for oRVR because how that is factor is different and rarely would result in a tie. But somehow that code went into production to calculate oRVR contribution.


Basically Hud, it was that a piece of code from beta was mistakenly left in. It works fine for PQs, but since some of the calculations there are not taken in to consideration in RvR, it was messing up the contribution rolls in RvR to the point where it ended up being a /random roll for Keep takes.

So while it worked fine in PQs, it was not working as intended in RvR. One rogue piece of code botched the whole thing. It's apparently fixed and in QA, should make it into the 1.1 patch or sooner as a hotfix.

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