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December 20, 2008



have you tried lotro since Moria came out?

Julie Whitefeather

Hi there..well it seems that your feeling is more common these days. It's something that we are going to discuss briefly on the next show. When I first hit tier 4 it was like hitting a brick wall. Scenarios became next to impossible to participate in and I rapidly ran out of pve content to do. Public quests were a great idea but the population density just isn't there.

Where eq2 is concerned I must say I feel exactly the way you do. I was close to unsubscribing when I found I had to for financial reasons anyway.

Where we differe is with Wrath of the Lich King. So far much of what made end game unbearable for me is gone...but the jury, as they say, is still out on that one. There are some incredibly interesting new game mechanics like quests that have a permanent affect on the world as you experience it in the game.

You blog is always a good read. Keep up the good work.

Julie Whitefeather

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Darren - "LOTRO was too quest heavy for me," is what I thought at the time. I've since learned that it's not so much that I don't like questing as it is the quest and content design. If I took the time to really analyze it I'm sure I could be clearer about why I liked the quests in AOC, WAR, early WOW and W101 but not other games like EQ2 and LOTRO.

Post AOC combat, killing has to be pretty darned entertaining when you're stuck killing things one at a time. WAR has two of the best classes I've played like EVER - Bright Wizard and Warrior Priest, which come just in front of AOC's Bear Shaman and then WOW's Warlock, Shadow Priest and Shaman. I don't think the early game in LOTRO has changed enough for me to make it to the newer content.

@Julie - it's weird that WAR isn't working for me as a whole. It's like I love the dress, shoes and handbag but when you put it together as an outfit, it doesn't quite work. The most glaring part of the missing pieces is as you said, player density.


It does sound like it would be a waste of effort with all that PvE content you describe. I don't think Mythic intended to make the game PvP/RvR-focused, but rather do a better job than many other games has on the PvP side, without losing the PvE.

I think any efforts now to boost people and allow to "skip" PvE content is maybe to please the audience that are mainly PvP-focused and do not care so much for PvE, which is perhaps the group of players they have had most success in keeping.

If you are thinking of trying out some existing fantasy titles again, you could have a look at Guild Wars. I don't know which campaigns you have played before, but if it is only Prophecies (which is good) you also have Nightfall and Factions, plus Eye of the North later. Especially Nightfall is a good place to start new characters and going to max level there will take about the same amount of time as doing the newbie 1-20 part in AoC - and it is pretty much an extended newbie experience. And there is lots of content then after that.

Pete S

RE: EQ2. I'm not trying to persuade you, but if you like crafting and housing in EQ2, why don't you play it and just ignore the adventuring side? You can be a pure crafter in the game, and the latest expansion even added crafting quests (I know quests aren't really your thing..) that require no killing at all.

I just re-upped to Warhammer yesterday and found that despite all I've read, it really hasn't improved very much for me. I kind of feel like I've thrown away the money I spent to rejoin. What's the saying? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


While everyone is busy recommending different MMO's to try, I'll go the other route...

Take a break from the genre. Period. If you're not having fun there, then you probably won't have fun somewhere else.

I mean, yeah...you could play LOTRO or WoW, but from the sound of things you'll just end up in the same rut as you are right now in a few weeks.

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


It's called boredom, or burnout: a sure sign that the player has been playing too much.

That's why I play as many games as possible...I explore every game I can. I never get bored! :)


The double-edge sword of EQ2 crafting is that while you can level it doing orders for the vendors, you can't really be a merchant unless you can farm your own mats to make items to sell. Without leveling, I can't harvest in the appropriate zones.

I think I am burned out but not from playing so much. I don't play nearly as much as I used to when WOW was my MMO love kitten. I think I'm burned out on having tried several games none of which ever stuck like AC2 or WOW. Maybe something won't ever stick like either of those and I'm not the jump around to different games kind of player. I like a more intimate gaming experience. But I am tired of trying different games that for different reasons haven't worked out for me.


Well, I would agree with Pete that you could play EQ2 and ignore the leveling grind. Other than that, it sounds like what you want is more of a sandbox fantasy game, without the quest and leveling treadmill, sort of like Ultima Online maybe?

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