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November 13, 2008



Huh? Whaa...?


WOW to Saylah:

Come back to us, we have pie.


It wasn't Kool-Aid, it was Jack laced with liquid crack.

WAR's a game of ebbs and flows, I think. Some nights are dead for sure, and others are hopping (see my recent post for one the latter). It's a factor of the design being that the game's BEST parts need people.

And let's face it... we can't force people to play and do what we want even though my wife might think so *snicker*.

PS - You REALLY missed a fun night in T3 last night.


Oh, and ouch, Saylah. That stung a bit.



You do realize I'm being sarcastic right??? I did however get sucked into the lets run around in groups thing and I miss it. *sniff*


Oh, aye... but it still bit. Sarcasm doesn't carry well, milady.

Plus, you and I are NEVER on at the same time. I'd be running with you all the time... plus you're very high above me now.

Where's that dang mentoring system?!


P.S. @Jobildo - I would kiss your face to make it better but you're married. :-) You must know that I'm only kidding!


Bah, I'm sorry for the spam.

Another thing you may not be using yet, and I guarantee it can help... use our new Alliance folks. They majority seem really helpful and often are willing to group for whatever, PQs included.

In fact... I think I need to schedule anothr PQ night for T3.


Okay,now I have to fix the post 'cuz I don't want you to feel bad. Hmm, it's not as funny without pinning it on someone.

Winged Nazgul

Don't listen to them. The pie is a lie.

Or was that the cake?


I'm convinced that Heartless_ doesn't know that Alysianah is Saylah since he's never said anything. Perhaps he's suffering in silence. :-)


No, don't fix!

I got it. :)

Or just do what my old lit professor used to. Put the word "Joke" as its own sentence after anything you're not sure will be seen as sarcasm.

It helps me, that's for sure.


LOL @ Winged.


Too late... anyway why aren't all you people working! I know why I'm here goofing off. I'm on vacation.


I was on that mystical time that is "the hour before work ends and the boss isn't here".


I'm home and scanning in sketches for the next G&B comic.


You could always just go play LOTRO?

Oh crap...empty...

How about Vanguard...crap...

Tabula Rasa?...


(/silly mode off)


LOL @Open... Isn't this an insane situation for MMOs to be in? It's painfully comical.


This is what happens when one MMO takes the entire industry by storm and refuses to let go its grasp... every other game suffers.

They're like the America of videogames!

HA! (Joke.)

See? I did it there.


I see what you did there! hehe


At least I was up front about playing both. True, my time in either game has been limited, work is getting the best of me and it sucks. Ok it doesn't suck so bad, I just spent a week in Orlando for work and got to drink around the world at Epcot on the company dime, but still.

I got the sarcasm, even if Bildo didn't. I do worry about him though. He plays all those wonderful Xbox games, two of them at last count and WAR. Then he spends his time drawing not one but two comics. I can see how he doesn't have much time to hang with buds lol.

BTW, the pie is great and its Key Lime, not Pecan as many have suspected. Meaning, I'm going to be picking up my copy of WOTLK today....sooo sad I am.

But don't worry, I will not be another WOW to WAR to WOW victim, I still plan to play both, when I'm not vacationing, I mean working that is.


Oak, it's THREE comics!

And a wife.

And my Masters program.

And RL friends that for some reason tolerate my company.

And of course there's all those books I want to read.

Gah! Not enough time in the day. I can't imagine playing 2 MMOGs. I'd love to, don't get me wrong. But I feel like 6-10 hours a week for the one is too little time, much less splitting that between 2.

Good luck in your endeavor, good sir.


LOL @ Oak sounds fun and you were only 9 hours away from where I'm living in empty MMO hell.

Bilbo's leading a busy life so he's excused for the fact that he doesn't have time for me. hehe


I keep thinking... 12 months and I'm done with school, 12 months and I'm done with school.

But by then, what will CoW be playing? I just hope I make it to 40 and drop the city a few times before the majority of CoW is ready to test the waters of something like Champions Online, or Star Trek Online.


Why do you think Destruction attempts on Altdorf have stopped after the early morning ninja attempt followed by Order smashing them down during prime time? Unless I missed something, I dont know of any other serious attempts on Altdorf on our server.


From what I can gather at WHA, Destruction's "leet guilds" are getting angry that we keep defending and attacking in T4. They don't seem to have an easy time anymore. That and Mythic DID make it harder to do with the changes to Fortresses (can't recall the specifics... back in 1.04?)

I'm guessing that Order's catching up to the more hardcore Destruction folks on Averheim. I have a feeling we're REALLY going to give them a run for their money on our server.

Gaming Diva

I'm not too surprised that people left Warhammer to check out the Burning Crusade. It's a whole new continent to explore. I figured some would be tempted to check out the new content. I am slightly surprised that so many from your group left.

I'm definitely impressed with The Burning Crusade. I'm still new to the game (compared with some) but definitely my favorite out of the three.

I would have checked out Warhammer if it were available for Mac. One of the developers (cannot remember his name) stated there were no plans to develop it for the Mac so I lost interest in playing the game on one of my computers. Yes, I do have two Windows computers but I only use them if I'm submitting work to clients who require Microsoft documents. Yeah, I know I can use Bootcamp or Parallels and run Windows on my Mac but I don't want too. ;-)

Gaming Diva

Bah, I meant Wrath of the Lich King. I've had TBC on my mind lately. :-)


@Bildo, sorry I missed the third one. I only catch them when you link them on your site, since I read your site about everyday its much easier for us lazy types. lol I have to admit there are tons of things I want to do as well but either get distracted or just don't follow thru. I've got a Waccom tablet, but I've only dabbled with it some and haven't found the time to really do a comic such as yours. Again, not enough time.

Looks like I might be playing WAR today instead of WOTLK anyway, the ques are GAWD AWFUL right now. I was going to play after installing last night, but the Que was 40minutes, I just want to know where my fast pass is so I'll know when I can log on with out any ques.

I even tried at 8am this morning and the servers are down because of rolling restarts which once they are back up, the ques will be GAWD AWFUL again. I'm either going to do some WAR or I'll be Xboxing it today, because WoW isn't very player friendly right now.


I read some posts on WHA from Destruction complaining that we're taking too long to hit T4. I thought it was rather comical people expecting others to play at their pace. Then I wondered if that's the case why aren't they just sacking Alt. I guess the answer is that without doing ninja late nite or early dawn they can't pull it off. :-)

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