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November 20, 2008



I got a picture of some chickens from that night... albeit just a couple. I've got to remember to post them.

I'm loving Reikland. And the fact that they're adding in little tiny objectives or "fluff" to it as the event goes on is genius.

Like last night's scouting quest, or the fact that we'll soon have to kill chickens (not player chickens) inside for a quest, or find a sand castle (who knows why, but I'll do it!).

It's these kinds of little things, directed tasks that are making the Heavy Metal event stand out in my mind as one of the best live events in any game I've played. The thing changes each day, and it doesn't require that I'm able to play for hours to take part and reap the rewards.

I'd love to see this same amount of care and consideration done for an O-RvR Event one day.

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