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November 18, 2008


Gaming Diva

Hopefully the buff will stay!

Although I don't play Warhammer I do enjoy reading your posts about the game. :-) If it ever crosses over to the Mac platform, I'll definitely check it out.

I started playing a healer class recently (WOW) and I really enjoy it. The Warrior Priest in Warhammer looks interesting and looks like something I would play something I wish I could see in WOW. ;-)


The Warrior Priest is pretty great. Granted I've only played her at the low level since I'm waiting on the wave of people back in the low tiers playing the new tank classes.

The Bear Shaman in AOC was an awesome hybrid. The Warrior Priest is comparable and what I think people where thinking the WOW Paladin was going to be at the onset.

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