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November 23, 2008



Reading the blogs of the remaining WAR diehards like yourself and Syncaine has brought home to me how much more dependent on server population a pvp game is than a pve game. In a PVE game you can keep going as long as you have a group of friends in a guild who want to tackle the content together. In a PVP game you need opponents as well as friends. Apologies if I am stating the obvious here but I can be a little slow to figure stuff like this out.


Having played WOW longer than any other MMO, the availability of players was never a consideration. I started on Illidan which went on to be a monster populated PVP server. Even as a solo player there were always people everywhere doing something or other. And before BGs there was lots of in world PVP. So I never had to consider population.

This game is showing me just how much it can matter. Not just because of the RVR but because Mythic built a game that really does need people.


Yes'm, it really does. The game's at its best when you're with others. Most any game is. Even when solo-ing, I'm happier doing that when others are around. The world feels less empty that way.

I know Mythic doesn't want to merge servers, but they honestly opened too many, and now the rest of us who adore the game are suffering because of it.

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