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November 20, 2008



"Wha? Wow? And why?"

The answer is quite simple. Some people take this stuff WAY too seriously.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


Jason, are you trying to bait me into an argument that I probably can't win given my taking offense to a comment on Channel Massive and possibly, only saying that I possibly, overreacted??? LOL. I'm not taking the bait. *sticks out tongue*

He's welcome to the last word over there. It's not my forum so I have to be civil. But I do love how he's intent on turning into a defining statement about what we like, who we are, how we've played games in the past, yada and yawn.


I have to admit, responses like, "welcome to teh interwebs" come to mind. If anybody can possibly mis-interpret your message, they will.

And Beau is passionate and a maniac, but he is a happy passionate maniac. I can say that because in addition to reading his many and varied comments, I've been on a couple of podcasts with him. That makes us practically brothers, right?


Aw c'mon Saylah. I'd never try to bait you into anything.

*places cookies and milk on plate tied to clever contraption*

*waits patiently*

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


I like BeauTurkey...(hehe)


Didn't we all discuss how someone takes someone else's comments just a week or two ago, and makes a decision about what that person is like?

I think I was named a "ranter", when I actually had not ranted (until AFTER the fact).

Lot's of people do it, and it is hard not to know how someone will be based on their constant chatter.

We know that Hudson will get bored of any new game but WoW after 30 days

We know Bildo loves EVERY game.

Heartless_ lives in his own little world, and believes everything he says is right.

Me? I like to argue in comments about any point I make until the other commenter screams in agony and calls me a jerk.

I could go on...

Isn't it why we blog and discuss games? We throw out our personalities as much as possible online.

I think someone told me once "Need thick skin"...or was it something about "Assery?"

Anyways, I enjoyed the Podcast...so, Cheers!


@Open - LOL. I missed that whole bit-o-drama you had in the blogsphere. I must have been busy with work. I started reading the blogs the next week and was like, "what the heck just happened?" while looking around clueless.

Oh the internet. :-)

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