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October 03, 2008



Wow great gallery thanks for the trip around WAR.


The one thing I liked when I use to play old Warhammer miniatures and the Pen and Paper roleplay game was the "Germanic" Renaissance setting.
The clothing of the Witch Hunter embodies this for me..
This seems to be something Mythic got right, and why I really wanted to like it.
Thanks for the gallery!


Love the gallery. I've been roaming around on Khanzal, my dwarf ironbreaker a bit. I think at some point I'll take a tour of all the lands. I've seen each from their flight locations and they all seem neat but I'd like to explore a bit more.

Some of those cannons are interactive, at least the batteries in the RvR area are. I had some fun with some Destruction players the other night that wandered too close to our lines. The firing range is limited, but be leary of getting too close.

Also, from your gallery comments, I love the fact that it's all war all the time. The only rat I've killed thus far was one of the annoying ones in the tavern. All my questing has been fighting as a dwarf soldier. I'm also loving the NPC interactions as well. Dwarves cheer when battlefield events swing their way, etc.

It's been great fun thus far.


I'm interested in roaming the other zones too but admit to be impatient with the walking. But I'm THIS close to getting my first mount. Woot!

The Witch Hunters do look very cool. I enjoyed pairing up with them in PQs when I was playing a Warrior Priest during Preview Weekend. People sometimes neglect healing them and I thought they looked very slick with their pistols and blades. :-)


In LOTRO my favorite area to buy property was the human zone for similar reasons. I really loved it more than the hobbit areas. A lot of people thought I was crazy.

I like the empire/chaos areas more than the others as well.

I was just in the "Typical ostland quest hub" location. Notice the skeletons hanging in the air. Sometimes I wish they'd have more of that in the quests... the evil side of the Empire and witchhunters.

Kahn if you run around as a chosen with the aoe aura you will kill tons of rats (and hens, and bunnies, all the lvl 1-2 critters aggro you everywhere you go!)


@Yunk - I did like the hobbit houses. Not sure that I'd live there but the insides were cute and I was delighted to see the inside of Bilbo's visualized in the Lord of the Rings movies.


I have a hobbit house for my hobbit burg. I love it there! I like the human housing area too - very picturesque.

@yunk: I have a lowbie Chosen I've yet to work on seriously. So many alts, so little time. :) Right now I'm getting my Squig Herder up there. Once he's 20 and has his riding wolf, I may change gears again. I'm not sure what's with me and short, funny races but he always makes me chuckle.

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