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October 07, 2008



Hey Saylah, they've posted a recent hotfix to make the bauble in Tor Anroc "harder to get from far away," which may address this issue.

Otherwise, you really don't seem like the sort to shout loudly "IMBA," I would think you'd rather wait till you have a chance to see/judge for yourself.


That's good to hear. I'll try it once and see. It's just good to know that people have found an issue so I don't waste my time trying to figure out what the heck is going on. :-) There are far too many other things I could be doing in WAR, if that scenario is borked. *Still having twitches from holding off of rolling alts*


That's unfortunate if the map is borked. I remember all the AV screaming. :(

*whispered voice*

Saaaaaaaylah ... SAaaaaaaylah ... there's also healing classes ... and dwarves with cannons ... roll an alt ... roll one ... you know you want to ... you can't resist the lure forever ...





LOL - Stop it. I got on my WP and RP to accept all the mailed gear I'd sent them. WOW what a pain in the neck the mail system is but I'll save that rant for another day.

Anywho... I walked around on each of them a bit - read played a couple of levels. It was nice but made me miss being all maximum uber on my BW. *laugh* I know I'll have fun on my WP but I'll wait for more time to pass from running the lower tier Empire content.


Imbalanced toward Order's *detriment*? That's crazy. On my server (Vortex) you cannot actually get into a scenario on Tier 3 besides Tor Anroc because that's all Order queues up for. I'm not kidding. If you queue up for everything but Tor Anroc, you'll be sitting and waiting forever...I've done it. Queue up for Tor Anroc and you'll be in in less than 20 minutes. This is weekend or weekday, morning, noon, and night.

All order does is knockback and root people in the lava. Over. And over. And over. And over. And over.

It's horribly imbalanced and not at all in favor of Destruction. It is heavily in favor of Order. And on my server, it's impossible to get into any other Scenario because Order has learned to exploit this map for all it's worth.


Interesting. Guess it's different on each server. If you follow the link to KTRs, you can see he's not experiencing what you are on your server. By the way, waiting 20 mins for a Scenario is the suxors! On Averheim it's like 5 minutes. I hope that isn't going to change much when I start doing the T3 scenarios later this week.


I would agree with Ralkin.

I'm a high follower for balanced gameplay like everyone else.

As everyone states, Tor Anroc is pretty much the only scenario you will get into and for me, the wait is usually less than a min or two. It's quick and easy queue up without much wait. Which is great. On the downside is obviously the lack of participation in other maps, although I have to say there were occasion where such as Temple of Isha, Doom etc where you had a full map evenly on both sides and they were great runs.

My experience with Tor Anroc having done it countless times is the overuse of knockbacks by Order, which is singlehandely giving easy wins to Order. THey know this, so they only play this. It's fun to win, and when they win 60-90% of the time, it's the best choice for them to play this then other scenarios.

It was more evident than ever having done about 20-30 rounds last night just to see how things would go. Out of all that, Destruction won once. Quite lame + unbalanced don't you think?

Today was somewhat beter, the runs were more even, eg 500 - 480 etc, and I must say I love LOSING in this fashion. Nothing is better than a close call, and even if you lose, you really enjoy it.

Mythic needs to address this issue fast and I tend to get very frustrated on maps where it just becomes downright disgraceful. Order continously exploits the map to their advantage. Who cares if Destruction has the bauble, because they'll just rush at you suicidal fashion and blow your healers away into hell, i.e. the lava pit, and it immediately puts them in favour.

Quite lame.


R24/RR20 Chosen from Ulthuan

Of the 100 or so matches I have played of TA, Destruction gets to the bauble first maybe 5 times.

Even if this is some kind of weird freak thing, where my server is the only one where Destruction is Terribad at getting there first, Order still deploys 4-5 Iron Breakers who routinely and effortlessly fling 3 players at once into the lava. I can deal with that tactic even, by not standing close to ledges, etc.

The absolutely worst part forgetting for a moment that one of their Knock Backs is AoE, is the fact that often, no matter where you stand, you're going for a swim. I have been bounced off the platform, clear over the next bridge and into the drink. Many, many, many times.


@Than - the whole knockback thing is very annoying in that particular scenario. And it's compounded by the fact that every class seems to get one. At Rank 23, I don't have one but as a glass cannon I'm looking forward to getting mine to return the lava favor! I end up in the lava all the time from Chaos and Shamans. I guess we all get to swim in the fires of death. :-)

And uhm, yeah, your side is terrabad if they're not getting the bauble first a lot of the time. :-)

Fosgate - BW on Iron Rock

The run to the bobble was shorter for Destruction. Destro got there before us 90% of the time, but we still ended up winning 75% of the time. Destro has knock backs too, (Shamans) use them!

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