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October 05, 2008



Don't forget, you can even JOIN an open group on your own if you know a player's name in the group with the /join command. Kinda helpful if they're in a different side of the world.


Good lord, those sewers were a blast, alright. Quick, to the point, and HARD if you've not out-leveled the place. Plus Tankerbelle's quips were just about comic gold.

I'm thinking of raising my Ironbreaker, though and leaving the White Lion behind for a bit... there's a serious visual disconnect going on between me and the elf.


@Phoe - Thanks for reminder. I forgot about that one. Will add to list.


"Specs impact game play in WAR, just like other Moms"

I've heard many nicknames for a person's parents, but never "specs". :-)

You're 100% right about the time penalty not being bad for failing in Warhammer. I still find the game challenging in some ways because you're mostly matching wits against other players. The PvE gameplay has been bland so far, but I think the level 25 dungeon will be better. Apparently its mostly comprised of public quests with the boss instance being accessed once you have maxed out influence.


@Relm - LOL on that typo. I had a complete fubar with the HTML spellchecker which couldn't be undone. I tried to catch the changes but clearly missed a few. :-)


PS. If by PVE content you mean the Sewers, I agree that was very bland. If not for the multitude of deaths we suffered along the way, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

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