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October 04, 2008



I wouldn't worry bout it. There are so many different choices for alts that even if guildies are running T1 alts now, they will be running them again in a few months.

The real question is will the pop continue to grow? Because a growning revolving population will give you lots of T1 people to hang with.

But that depends on wheither people currently playing will keep their free subs after a month. If they do, then that sends a clear message to the gaming community that WAR is a hit and people should be playing. And once that happens, the game will pick up more subscribers.
People will also wait a few months so the developers can work out the bugs.

I honestly think we'll see a pop grown in a few months which will produce more T1 people.

Thats my opinion, so play an alt if you want or wait, either way I think you will be ok.


just roll that alt, have some fun, and do not worry about server pop and all that jazz. I just hit rank 23 on my Warrior Priest and before I started playing WAR I told myself that once I hit tier 3, I would create my first alt. So I am about to role my Ironbreaker because everyone needs a Tank. We have too many character slots not to role an alt anytime we want.


I think I'm going to hold out a little bit longer. :-) I'd like to do the Warrior Priest next so a little distance between having done the Empire content would be nice. It's nice to still have something fun to look forward to in the game.


I've been thinking about the content issue too. Seems a possibility that there may end up being a bottle-neck of sorts for the lower-level stuff when the server has a higher-level population. I think on the flip side, if WAR keeps its end game "progress" minimal (focusing on PvP and making it easy to have a maxed character) then it may actually encourage lots of alting to keep the action going. The issue for other games is that the "end" isn't really an end: players are trying to grind for those epic armor sets, etc. If WAR gives away decent armor and has some exciting PvP stuff to do for high-levels, I think people will keep playing their mains and also be encouraged to create lower-level alts as well.


I hope it stays popular and people do the alt mania like WOW. If not, it will be a bit grindy for people who come along later. Not that they can do quests to level as in other games but not having the diversity of doing PQs and Scenarios would be missing a large draw of the game.

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