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October 17, 2008



I've not really seen any claims to nerf scenarios, only to "buff" the rest of the content to match them in terms of incentives.

Hopefully the recent changes mentioned in Mark's state of the game address will do just that for RvR. But PQs still need some love as well. Perhaps additional XP, and maybe renown for those that are contested PQs?

Julie Whitefeather

Great Article. I too have seen people saying Scenarios should be nerfed, especially where experience is concerned to encourage people to participate in the "rest" of the world. I would like to feature this on the next "No Prisoners, No Mercy" over at Virgin Worlds (Show 11 to be released this coming Thursday). If you would like to be on the show as well you are welcome to submit an MP3 or something further in writing.

Great article.

Julie Whitefeather


Hmmm... certainly better to improve than to weaken what working. Very true.


@Bildo - Unfortunately, I've read and heard it which is what concerns me.


@Julie - I'd be very honored!!! I'm a HUGE FAN OF YOUR SHOW! Plus all things Virgin Words pleases me. *Waves at Brent* If I can think of anything more to say on the topic I'll send along a file before the weekend is out. I need to know where to send it to you directly. Or I can send it to Brent. Woot for Sisters who play MMOs!


I'm glad you posted about this, because I was just about to writeup the same thing if I wasn't too busy playing WAR. ;)

Scenario's are fine.

Personally I'm anti-instancing, anti-battleground/scenario in "true" virtual worlds, because I do feel they take away by 'whisking' players away out of the world that they should be interacting in.

However for casual themepark style MMO's, they provide a fun, fairly quick way to enjoy an aspect of the game in a controlled environment with good rewards for time spent.

For me personally, I just haven't been able to spend much time in War, and for what time I do spend in it I want to be able to advance my character and PvP as much as possible with guildmates, the scenario's do that perfectly as we can group and play together from anywhere on the server.

Compare that to the RvR experience which at low-mid levels can be pretty uneventfull and a waste of time for progression. The activity in RvR comes in spurts, if at all, and if you're playing order you may find yourself outnumbered greatly at times as well. Plus after doing a handful of RvR quests there's not much left to do vs. the instant guaranteed action of scenario's.

I agree, and don't think scenario's need to be 'fixed', and I feel Mythic is taking their time as needed and putting in good buffs to enhance what needs to be improved in RvR. When we all start hitting the mid 30's, that's when I expect to see more RvR action happen.


Very well said.

Leading with the Nerfbat is a bad idea. I like the measured approach Mythic has been taking.

Its always better to underbuff something on the first pass than to overreact and have to re-nerf it.


Great post, Saylah. My concern about Scenarios is that the rest of the world appears to be emptying out because everyone else is in Scenarios. I rerolled on another server where some friends are recently and the most number of people I saw working on a PQ at the time was three - in one PQ area, I was the only one there. This was in Empire lands. I had no trouble at all getting a Scenario to pop.

I don't think the issue is that Scenarios offer so much, it's that the rest offers so little in comparison. I hope they don't nerf Scenarios but buff the rewards for the rest of it. Frankly, I like the idea of being able to log in for 15 minutes or less, crank out a Scenario or two and feel like I'm making progress.


Yes, it would be nice to see more people out and about the world. I'm sure that they can find positive ways to encourage it.


@Julie - I sent Brent a file. Contact me via email if you have any questions or didn't receive it.


> I agree that Battlegrounds ended world PVP in World of Warcraft.

The achievement system has brought it back, at least a bit, in the last week. This weekend the alliance on my server Doomhammer made multiple attempts at the faction leaders in the main cities. Most of the attempts didn't work out, as the faction leaders are now level 83 bosses I believe, but that didn't seem to deter anyone.

Love the site, keep up the good work.


I agree, the accessibility of scenarios makes them quite appealing for the casual player.

Although they can't bring the "quick 15 minutes" thing to open RvR, I think they could bring a lot of the grouping convenience to it if they tried:



@Melf - good ideas. I commented on your blog.

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