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October 24, 2008



This is not related specifically to the above topic, but I am curious if your guild is still recruiting. I looked at the website and there is no update since recruiting was stopped. I am considering playing Warhammer and would love to be in a guild of good people who have a life outside of gaming as well.

Keep up the great blog!



Also not related to the post at hand, but to answer your question Roma, we'll be opening recruitment sometime in the near future and I'll make an announcement at my blog and on the forums when it happens.

This is of course, for the Order branch only as Genda of Grouchy Gamer is the GM for Destruction and that's his call.


Just for the record that is Dracone facing the wrong way, not Hammerhead! I can tell by the shield (which is the only way to tell :) )


oh and I was being silly above, after reading it I realized you might think the exclamation point might mean I was worried people would think I was running away! :)

Though at times we had just as many mobs behind us as in front :) I think that was my fault though the one time... /shifty eyes

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