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October 05, 2008



Congratulations on your pony. If it bankrupted you and you need funds, you know where I am. :) I can't see what you'd need funds for, but mine are around because I don't use them for much beyond the Renown Gear Merchant and flights.

I am finding the early 20s a bit grindy. I expect to find them less grindy once I reach the halfway point of the tier and have more competent scenario action.


@Zubon - Thanks for the generous offer! I was a bit nervous when I emptied my pockets to 5 silver. But like you, I don't buy much in the game. My only regular expenses are crafting (vials and water), flights and renown gear. On Sunday I intentionally farmed for crafting mats and ended up with 4G and 3/4 to level 21 so I'm all good.

I have the impression from others that the early 20s are grindy based on what friends have said about chapters. Most servers probably don't have many players in T3 yet. Take time zones and personal playing schedules, it divides the potential population even further.

Since the way I typically level happens to be "grinding" I probably won't notice much difference in effort even though I have been questing a lot in WAR.


Gratz on the pony!


I'd expect that many players will be diving into T3 within a week or two, as you and a few others seem ahead of the curve a bit.


@Khan - Thanks!

@Bildo - Yes, I think people in early to mid 20s are ahead of the curve on our server. I see people looking for T3 groups with very limited success. Oh well, I won't have problems going it alone for a while. But I will miss the PQs and even more so, the Scenarios.

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