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October 19, 2008



Nice. I think that was one of the few things i liked about warhammer.


You nailed it. Mythic really seems to understand that you can make a game that's hardcore AND casual - it all depends on what you bring to the table really. I've said it dozens of times already: people are infinitely more challenging than PvE opponents. I wish anyone who was interested in WAR could have been there to see how much fun it is.


The people that do not enjoy WAR are the ones that get caught up in doing scenarios nonstop. All they want to do is rush to Rank 40. It makes no sense... there is so much to do on the way up - much like chronicled here.


When people say they didn't enjoy the game, I'm really not sure what game they were playing. And I know tastes vary but it's like the PVE in other popular fantasy games PLUS PQS + Scenarios + Open RVR + Tome.

But as you've mentioned, if people are trying to race to the top then anyway they go about it is bound to feeling boring. Besides which, there isn't a lot of point in rushing upward ahead of the curve since the end game is about RVR and you need others for massive RVR. *shrug*

I find that if I do one of these activities too long or too many times in a row I feel the burn out of it and move on to something else. When I'm feeling anti-social and don't want to do much of anything at all but log-in those are the evenings when I go in search of the unknown.

Yes, the open RVR is spontaneous, crazy and fun. There were MANY people there after a while that weren't in our guild. COW regularly accepts requests for joining our warband when it isn't full. We actively coordinate with other guilds we run across who are raiding across the zones when we arrive. It's very cooperative even if you're not in our guild.


Regional and RvR Regional chat have gone a LONG way towards making the zones and the realm-wide coordination more spontaneous and fun. I can't wait to see how things get when more Open-RvR incentives are added in the coming weeks/months.

There's a lot of mayhem to be had, and I expect this won't be the last great tale from Saylah, eh? :)


Sound great and when open RvR is happening, it is some of the most fun I've had in an MMO. Problem is, there seems to be a population curve, the peak of which is in T3 or verging on T4.

T1 and T2 are completely dead. We couldn't buy a fight in open RvR this weekend during prime time. Order had all the T2 keeps and battlefield objectives. Literally, nothing to fight for. Where was T2 destro?

Grinding to where the herd is is not my idea of fun.


Saylah and PotShot: you both mirror my concern as well. As someone who is leveling well behind the curve, I see no Open RvR action going on. It's mainly in the areas I can't get to yet. As we talked about before in your leveling thread, games need a means to draw in people that are well behind the curve of the server. If someone rolls a character in WAR for the first time six months from now, will they even see a Scenario open up let alone Open RvR?

I'm hoping Mythic can add something along the lines of a side kick / examplar system ala CoX. Perhaps they wouldn't even need one: they already have the means to make a level 1 a defacto level 8 in tier one scenarios. Perhaps a way to apply the same thing in reverse? Make a level 40 a level 18 in tier two areas - the level 40 could lose their post-18 skills and they'd have their hitpoints, weapons and armor nerfed accordingly. That way they could fight along-side the newer folks. It could replace the chicken mechanic.

Anyway, great story and accompanying images as well, Saylah!


@Potshot - Geez, I wouldn't have thought T2 was that empty. I still see COW-mates doing RVR events and they claimed a keep last week. Clearly most people don't play MMOs to be alone so if that's the case Mythic is going to have to address it in some manner.

@Kahn - I have worried about the fact that because of RVR/PVP they implemented a chicken mechanic that as a by product, prohibits players who've leveled past a zone from going back to help friends. I understand the reasons for it - protect players from being ganked, protect PQs from being farmed and prevent power leveling of other characters. However it doesn't address all the valid reasons for needing access to lower tier content such as grouping with friends and helping out guildmates.

I'd be amenable to having the option of down-ranking to go back and help with lower level content. My nephews having played yet even though I purchased them each a copy of WAR because their PCs wouldn't even install the darn thing. I'm going to pitch in with their parents to upgrade their PCs for Christmas. However, by that time I'll be into T4. I'm used to being able to help them in the beginning to show them the ropes or quest with them when they can't find a party of their own. In WAR, I won't be able to do that unless I'm in the mood to do another Alt or have a character at their level.

In general, I think WAR needs a much larger population in order for you to actually see bodies on the ground. The variety of leveling options thins out the player-base making some areas look empty. I'm not sure what they can do about that anyway. If they increase incentives for RVR the scenarios, PQs and questing areas will thin out. It's like a balloon. Them squeezing one end will only shift the air more to one side and reduce it in another.

WAR has an enormous amount of content spread across many zones and mini areas. Seriously, without A LOT MORE PLAYERS, I don't think there is anything they can do that won't cause another area to be abandoned. That's a dangerous situation because the people who are enjoying that content will be negatively impacted which is a lose-lose situation. WAR actually needs more bodies. More incentives isn't actually the best fix. But I guess it's the best that can be done for now.

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