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October 21, 2008


Winged Nazgul

I actually wrote something similar way back before I made the decision to roll on Averheim and try to join the CoW's:


I do have to admit sharing a common ground with the WAR bloggers out there led in no small part to my decision to choose the Averheim server.


@Winged - I have three comments for you...

1. Excellent post. I was initially concerned that while it would be fun in game the overall blogging would suffer from 100 people posting about the same exact event at the same time. And since I'm so much more interested in the personal connections and happenings of players in games, that would have bored me to tears. That however, has not been the case.

2. LOVED YOUR BIO. I think it speaks a lot of truth about one of the playing styles for EVE Online and while that interested me quite a bit, I just didn't have the patience to run the numbers and do the time to climb the ladder. But I'm always keen to read people who have done it. Ancient's blogs posts about EVE are always interesting to me.

3. ALL GOOGLE/BLOGGER BLOGGERS TAKE NOTE...Sure spam sucks but iF you actually want comments on your blog, then open up the option to take and Name & URL. The OpenID system does NOT work. I've yet to be able to use my Typepad account information to post a comment on ANY blogger's site. And I refuse to create an account just to leave people comments. I have enough login names and passwords in my life as it is. *Smile* This goes for several people on my blogroll for whom I read but have never left a comment because I can't without creating an account and I won't do it and I'm sure that I'm not alone in that thought.

Winged Nazgul

Okay, but the first spam message I'm blaming on you. :p

The bio is actually a paraphrasing of the result of the Eve Online Personality Quiz at http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/testgen/6199/

It's a pretty accurate assessment as far as online quizzes go.

Van Hemlock

Yah, down with People! Gettin in my games, makin ornery wordshapes in my chat window, killin my monsters, lootin my loot! The less People the better! The only good Person is a Somewhere Else Person, I always say! Grumble!


I tend to run with a 2 mmo setup. 1 main and 1 take it easy. ATM EvE is definitely my main MMO. The reason you state you are liking your WAR experience with the CoW guild is one of the reasons EvE will stay in that #1 spot. Dark and dingy world view not withstanding (the other of course is that it's horribly hard to beat EvE's in game economy and "crafting" system).

Of course running into fellow bloggers in EvE can be a bit exciting. Since a lot of my fellow bloggers are of the "pirate" persuasion if I'm running into them, I better have a lot of friends along or be in a fast ship. But then again it's like when you end up at a social meet in EvE. I'm told one of the striking differences between EvE and other MMOs is that during an EvE fan fest, the players group up by alliances and not by server as they tend to do in other MMO fests.

It's one of the reasons I'm convinced we won't have a "WoW killer" Fantasy MMO until someone can come up with a working shard-less Fantasy MMO. And EvE won't be knocked out of it's place on the Sci-fi side until someone comes up with a shard-less space MMO that's got less "gank" issues.


@Winged. LOL Thanks for opening up comments. I do like to participate on the blogs that I read. :-) I posted on your blog but hella grats on hitting 40! You people are freakin crazy.

@Hemlock - Okay that reply made my morning. I laughed so hard. Have always enjoyed your blog and love your podcast. Ignore the folks that think you two sound like crotechy old men with accents. What the hell do they know! *Smile*

@Letrange - EVE appeals to my intellectual side and I've always wanted to like it. I mean...I do like just not enough to keep playing it. Don't even think ambulation will make enough of a difference for me. I want to be one of those spreadsheet players (I think) but as I've said the road to that is VERY long before you're doing anything exciting so I never hit that spot of self propelling excitement. But hat is off to CCP and EVE anyway.


ROLFMAO - Just read Van Hemlock's comment again. I think it's going to make me laugh all damn day.


lol ... Van Hemlock is full of win.

I'll have to have another internal debate about opening up comments on my blog. I can't hover over it as much as some and loath house-keeping of any kind (including rummaging through spam comments).

Internal debate:
Khan: "I should open comments on my blog."
Khan: "What about spam?"
Khan: "You're right."
Khan: "You should open comments on your blog."
Khan: "Wait ... which voice are you?"
Khan: "Wouldn't you like to know?"
Khan: "I like pie."
Khan: "Now who said that?"
Khan: "I did."
Khan: "He did."
Khan: "You did."
Khan: "What?"

So you can see the can of worms you're opening up here, Saylah. :)


@Van Hemlock

Are you secretly my wife?


She does this whole "I hate people, but I love MMO's" spiel on me all the time..

Why play an online game if you hate PEOPLE?...lol


@Open. I get spam but not as much as you'd think. It comes in spurts. Like yesterday, some idiot spammed 5 different posts with an advert. Normally, I don't even get 2 a week. Then again, Typepad spam catcher is pretty good. Sometimes I get caught in the spam filter. :-)

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