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October 28, 2008



I'm an officer in my kinship and a sometimes Vent cop. Generally, we keep the lobby / default channel to PG or PG-13. We're a fairly casual kinship and many of our members have young kids. We don't want them feeling like they can't be in Vent with everyone else if their kids are around.

In party or raid chat channels we leave it up to the people in the party or raid. We get in the gutter at times and I've been known to chime in on occasion (usually followed by gasps because I don't talk much on Vent in the first place).

I've been in guilds where there were no restrictions and another guild that had a special "no limits" channel where people could engage in whatever kinds of conversations they wanted to (that channel also seemed to become the default lobby for that particular guild).

I guess it really just depends on the CoW player base and what kind of discussions you want to allow / disallow.


That's a good observation. It's possible that it might have been better to move down channels once the evening got rolling. It did come to a point where two parties were doing Scenarios/PQ combo but we all stayed in the same channel. Staying all lumped in a single channel is a common behavior I've noticed. It takes a lot of people being in chat for we segment ourselves off from each other. We just deal with the cross-talk which is usually pretty darn funny too. Staying together also lets people come online and join parties as spots free-up

Winged Nazgul

Dammit, was too busy watching the World Series last night to log into Vent. I always miss the good stuff. =(

But, yeah, when is it inappropriate? Whenever anyone gets offended, is when. Other than that, anything goes IMO.


Aye, the cross-channel shouting can get to be a bit much if we've got everyone in a channel at once.

Usually folks will segment themselves off into groups. Alternately, some groups actually prefer using the text chat over vent and will stay in the vent lobby (when they know the instance like the back of their hand and commands over vent aren't as much of an issue). We're hesitant to break off into groups in Vent but sometimes we really need to or the cross chatter would get out of hand.

Raid Leader: "Don't pull until the minstrels are set."

Group 1 Leader: "Pull now! Before we get the patrol!"

Group 1 Tank: "I thought you said not to pull."

Group 1 LM: "I have a question."

Raid Leader: "Dammit Khan!"

Me: "I'm not in any groups, I'm in the AH."

Group 1 LM: *mumble* *something* *mumble*

Raid Leader: "Sorry, wrong hobbit."

Me: "Yeah, we all look alike to you, don't we, Longshanks. Pthhhhhp!"

Group 1 Leader: "Ok, everyone quiet, I didn't hear the question."

Etc. :)


HAHA! Classic funny. I often find that the moments of mass confusion in games are the most exciting and fun. We all do the by the numbers and behave in an orderly fashion thru out the day. It's nice to cut loose and be stupid in the evenings.

For those reasons my favorite Scenarios are the ones with the Baubles, Doomfist and Cemetary. Pew-pew, zerg-zerg, hide the healers, while running around like crazy chasing red-dots and killin' 'em.

Pete S

I've found chatter in the CoW Vent channel to be pretty funny generally, particularly if Phiz is around... he causes no end of laughter in my household (I have vent chat coming over the speakers).

That said, I dunno... maybe the wise course of action would've been to segregate yourselves, but that kindof implies a group decision of "Let's go somewhere where we can throw innuendo around!" which isn't too likely.

Sounds like my sense of humor is pretty close to yours, (though I'll add scatological humor to my 'do not enjoy' list) so it's hard for me to always understand when people are being offended.

All that said, I can't stay in a channel where two groups are doing two different things. It makes my head explode. But that has nothing to do with being offended. I'm just a person who prefers quiet to sound... I can't, for instance, read a book with a tv on in the background.


Innuendo is fine. A few people making tactical scenario decisions in a common channel where other people are also hanging out, that actually gets my goat and I'll move over.

Conversation, good. Endless streams of "kill the effing chosen," that's not conversation. It irks me a little that it happens all the time in CoW vent, but since it appears to only irk me... I just don't use Vent much anymore.

Note -- I am currently not in the best frame of mind and possibly a little cranky.


I do NOT use chat....

Simple really. I am playing with cartoon like avatars. I do not wish to have my idea of that person shattered by a squeeky geek voice or a girl character with a booming low key Barry White tone.
I still remember one time having our channel taken over by some giddy boy who then proceeded to fill the channel with Michael Jackson music..

No thanks.

And the above is another reason. I do not know you, and do not know your likes or dislikes.
I do not wish to be policed in my chat (and my mouth is very foul), yet, I am forced to feel stupid talking to strangers. I must walk on tippy toes and test the water...BAH!

Yea...I did the online chat thing in launch of Guild Wars, did it in LOTRO, yet, all it did was make for some really crappy gameplay (all goofing, no serious) and then some people take it wrong when you ask them to do something, and then it all falls apart.

Just say NO to Voice Chat!


I use Ventrilo constantly and just mute anyone who abuses my poor little ears. Then again it's mostly just my friends on my small vent server so its not realy a problem. When I was raiding it was more of a problem and I did have to mute people who either sounded like muppets or cursed like sailors with tourets.


I'm firmly in the Voice Chat YES! group.

It's grea for group coordination (typing is so passe :P), and to me it helps foster closeness in the guild even more.

Random PUG voice chat? Not so much. But for the guild? Hell yes.

I was too busy getting my butt kicked in Scenarios in Channel 7 at the time... why didn't you lot come grab us for some innuendo!

Saylah *tsk-tsk*, I thought you of all people would do that.

/runs off crying


I am a fan of voice chat in most circumstances. Usually if I'm soloing, I won't bother with it. I have guild chat to let me know what's going on. Sometimes though, on weekends, I'll hang in Vent with others to see what's going on. It really depends on my mood. Overall though, I find it does help build a community (within a guild, anyway) as chatting via push-to-talk is much more convenient than typing.


All good feedback. It helps to remind us that not everyone is the same. I mean, we all know that but we can easily forget to practice it.

I have a cameleon-like personality. I don't follow the crowd but can easily adapt to situations because I recognize it's for the short term. So while I'm not normally a chatty-patty, if I fall in with people I like who are chatty, well I'll chat it up.

I would say that perhaps in COW vent we should move to the specific channels for specific activity. But I notice that most people don't bother. I think one reason is that they have characters in different Tiers and will often swap out depending on what spots are available in what groups. They jump on a T2 character while waiting for a T3 spot and vice versa. Everyone being lumped in one chat channel helps them stay abreast of what's going on and the options for grouping. Hmm.

I do like Khan when I want to be alone or solo. I just don't join Vent. Sometimes I'll join vent but not have my mic just in case something interesting comes along that just might coax me out of my solo-ness. Being in the chat but no mic still keeps me focused on what I'm doing while the Vent chat is just white noise in the background.


Yes, I have been chatting to people in Vent and only later realised that they aren't even in the raid group when I asked them to do something.

Quite often I forget I'm even in Vent. A raid or party finishes, I go off to get a drink or something, come back and do some solo stuff, and only after I log off do I suddenly realise I'm still in Channel C or whatever.

Our guild policy is no swearing in Vent, otherwise it just becomes the norm. Innuendo is fine.

Winged Nazgul

More innuendo and less complaining in Vent IMO.


Aww, Saylah. Don't think of them as knockbacks. Think of them as hugs ... with propellants behind them ... that knock you back.

See? Completely different!

*shifty eyes*

*dons squig armor and flees*



Okay, as long as you think of the BW Rain of Fire as Cinnamon Kiss from Above. *mwah*


LoL! Deal!

*holds up fire-proof umbrella*



I've been in CoW vent doing scenerios but seeing as I can't get the vent to work properly I can never talk. But I don't think its a problem, it wouldnt bother me as long as no one calls me an f'ing stunty all is good!!

Capn John

I almost always use a headset when chatting on Vent, just because we have everyone in the family room and it's a lot less intrusive to hear me quietly having a one-sided conversation, than to hear someone saying, "Ok, Group 1 go south-west. 2 go north-east. Healers take up 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. Everyone good? I'm doing an effing Raid Check here! Everyone ready? Let's do this!"
"Lleeeeeeerooooooooy Jeeeeeeeenkinnnnnssss!"
"Dude, it wasn't funny the first 100 times. Why would you think it's funny now?"
"Shut the hell up and DPS! Or Heal! Or...who was that?"

Yeah, non-MMO people don't need to hear that.

I often stay logged in Vent until I shut down for the night, and this one time (at Band Camp) when I made a Take-Out Run, my wife kept hearing quiet voices muttering away behind her. She didn't realize it was my headset until I got home and used it to tell everyone I was logging for dinner :P


Oh noes!!# That was hilarious.

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