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October 27, 2008



That is because RET Pallies are hugely overpowered right now and supposedly getting a nerf when Wrath goes live. Probably people curious as to what all the hubba baloo is about. Hey I used a new word....


Interesting and go Retadins. They've been at the back of the bus for a LONG time. They're due a little OPness. When I was playing Bear Shaman in AOC one of my first thoughts was, "This is how a Ret Paladin should feel."

I dabbled in RET once when I was hella board with Shockadin and Healadin. It didn't last very long. :-)




Why shoo them
Put up ads, and then watch the money come in...



I really enjoyed reading this article. Warcraft has so many different things to do! I'm amazed daily at how many new things people are constantly creating and showing to the public. Your article is very well written. Thanks for the great read :)

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