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October 14, 2008


Pete S

I had fun during the attack, even though I was a level 15 DPS and pretty darned ineffective. (Shameless self-promotion - my view of the events: http://dragonchasers.com/2008/10/13/defending-altdorf/ ).

I wasn't on Vent so didn't hear the talk there but the response in Guild Chat at first was a little underwhelming. Once I found the place to go to defend (I hadn't 'tagged' Flight Masters out there so had to run from Altdorf) I saw more CoWs and took a lot of comfort from that.

My apologies for not being able to give better directions on how to get to the fun but it was my first time. Which is really why I went. I know a 15 DPS wasn't going to be able to do much, but I wanted to know where to go and how to get there for when I'm high enough level to matter.

I never did find Stonewatch, though... :)


It'll be truly amazing as most of us in CoW do hit that Tier 4 content, and can really make a more effective impact on the ebb and flow of battle up there.

Can you imagine what it will be like to see 50+ CoWs stampeding across the field of battle towards the Inevitable City, joined by the other Order guilds?

Oh yes, Destruction WILL NOT have an easy time on our server. :) Even if they have out-leveled us thus far.

Pete S

It will be UDDERLY amazing!

(Yeah, I went there...)


@Pete - Bravo for you being level 15 and finding your way! I didn't realize what level you were when reading your struggles to make it that far. OMG you walked!!! *laughing very hard* Yes, we are udderly amazing now. Moooooooooooooooo.

@Bildo - It's going to be damned amazing to see COW at 40! It's great that the Guild leaders immediately take charge and get us all organized. They weren't on when it all started, but the minute they logged and heard what was going on they gave directions, kept us coordinated and all together. PLUS OMG our guild is great at watching out for each other. Even in the midst of all that madness people waited for each other and tried to help the lowbies, and I know first hand because I was a lowbie in trouble several times. :-)


I was on at the time but had no idea this was happening. Next time instead of typing "keep name is getting hit" someone needs to type in caps "T4 FORTRESS GETTING ASSAULTED" then I would probably have noticed, since I don't have the names of the keeps memorized :) I thought people were just having fun in t3 that had nothing to do with me.


@Yunk - Mythic needs to work on this ASAP. Most players are completely oblivious to the fact that their city's keeps are being assaulted! Sorry that in the confusion of trying to get to the frontlines, we lost track of communicating with people that were still logging into the game after we were in the heat of the battle. :-(

Destruction can talk all the crap they want about Order being apathetic. I've been present both times on Averheim and players are completely unaware of what's happening. Not all of us got to live in WAR BETA-land for a year!!! And we also know from players that were in BETA most of them were playing Destruction side and Mythic had to practically beg players to test Order side content. Besides a quantitative imbalance, this translates to Destruction having a HUGE advantage in the knowledge they possess about the content and game mechanics.

I don't know the keep names myself. I turned on the HUD only because I was actively trying to find a way to keep track of warfare since the game seemed deficient to me in that regard. After what I witnessed on Sunday, I realized I couldn't rely on in-game notifications which is just WRONG. Further more, if we need to use that HUD overview to know what is being contested in the zones, especially around the faction cities, then dammit it should be turned on by f'n default. Like Duh!

I am sorry you missed it. We should make a T4 Defense and offense channel in Vent perhaps? You log in and you see people in there you know shit is going down?? As it was we were in the normal Order channel dominating the airwaves regardless of the level 1 to 10s that might have been online trying to play too. :-)


Nice post.

World Defense channel please FTW.

I logged on in Altdorf just to tweak some settings to see if I could improve the RvR lagfest probably about the time this would have been going on and had absolutely no idea anything was up.

Had I known I would have tried to come to the fight had I known where to go....

Mythic might want to consider expanding the tour of Altdorf quest to include defense of the city.


Awesome! Wish I could have been there, but with the move and subsequent wait for internet, I will be MIA for probably the next week or so :( Woot for COW and Averheim!

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