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October 15, 2008



Your posts always cheer me up!


I'm glad! WAR has me smiling more than I have in an MMO for long time. OK, some nights it has me cursing too. :-)


Well, we've signed the Averheim Declaration (www.averheimdeclaration.com), so I'm VERY glad to see you're keen on going out and giving Destruction some hell. We're "oathbound" to aid in the defense whenever we're able.

Was I on when it began? I didn't see any announcement in Guild Chat about a defense out there before I logged at 10pm EST.

One day, I'll be big and strong like you, Saylah.

/flexes his rank 13 muscles


@Bildo - That is GENIUS! WOW may have had the best leveling game. I was among those that thought that but I'm not as sure now. Regardless, WAR has the highest quotient for potential hilarity, murder, mayhem and excitement while leveling. :-)


@P.S. to Bildo - last night by the time you read this meant the night before and no, you weren't online.

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