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October 01, 2008



Your post came across as a bit defensive in nature, as if you had to justify the way you like to play and the games you like to play.


This is weird and I don't want to sound creepy, but you just described exactly one of the very core elements why I love this MMO so much


Nice article as always


@Vlad - Hmm, I don't feel defensive about it. Just trying to explain a style that I think some players prefer but rarely articulate. I also think this preference/style might be a contributor to why some people are loving WAR while others see little fun in it at all.

It could also be that you don't "get" my brand of sarcasm which I tend to employ quite heavily in my posts. :-)


I don't mind some on-rails content. Epic questlines don't bother me as long as they aren't necessary to progress and tell a decent story. The only problem I have with the on-rails stuff is its repeatability. On an alt, I'd have to do all the on-rails stuff all over again. The second time through is when the curtain gets pulled aside and I can start seeing the machine beneath the shiny exterior.

I managed to get on line in WAR last night and enjoyed it a lot! Took some getting used to, especially the public quest (though I came in number three on some list and got a goody bag out of it). It seems that in WAR there's no "right thing to do" because there's really no "wrong thing to do." I imagine that could get disconcerting to some folks. In the newbie dwarf zone running in any direction would put me somewhere to do something.

Because of the ping-pong-ball-in-an-empty-dryer approach I took, there's no way I'd end up doing things exactly the same. The result is content I don't mind repeating because the odds of me going through it just like I did before are roughly nil.

AND I got to fire a really big cannon! Bu wu ha ha ha ha!!

Pete S

I think the "completist" players will be driven nuts by WAR. Actually they might be the same players that you call "static group" players. The GM of my LOTRO guild is one of these. Recently there was a summer festival that had events that earned you mostly silly things: new dance emotes, decorative items for your house. He *HAD* to earn each new dance for each of his characters. He *HAD* to earn every decorative house item. It was like a compulsion for him.

I think his head would explode in WAR. :)


You like PvP, not PvE!
You like Oblivion but not Neverwinter Nights.
When you go on vacation, you do not try to investigate the location before hand, but instead..."wing it"
You are very spur of the moment and hate schedules...
Walks along the beach are out, and Carnivals are in!

This sound about right?


Awesome post, and this makes perfect sense...

You must have HATED EQ2 and the Heroic Quests!
Or what about Seasonal Events in games, bet those suck for you also!

I am glad WAR is working for you, and please share more of those little "stories" for us. I LOVE those!


@Kahn - Welcome to WAR. I'm glad you got on safely. :-) I did miss mentioning that point, thanks for adding it into the conversation, that the ping-pong content provides more repeatability. I'm itching to role three other characters but am forcing myself to hold back until this one hits max level. I don't want to get lost in an alt warp. I don't usually bother with alts because (1) games typically only have one or two classes I'd play. (2) Doing quests was tolerable the first time when I had to do them. Repeating them is just torture. That won't be a problem in WAR on either point.


@Open - Close but I'm little more twisted than that. For example, I've a very methodical and scheduled person. I'd be 30 minutes early before 5 minutes late. :-) I like PVE but I don't like quests and so, EQ2 is always a painful adventure even though I want so much to love that game! I've wanted to love it since the first time I installed it. Unfortunately, so much of its core design runs contrary to what I find pleasing. However, the player towns, crafting, housing and quiet solitude get me back there when I need alone time.

You nailed me on Oblivion vs. NWNs. LOL For vacations I have two friends that are obsessive about planning trips. They research everything under the sun before we go. I tell them to just let me know when, where, how much and I'll see you at the airport. :-)


@Pete - I'd forgotten about the "completist" who is I think, different from the achiever. I'm an achiever but that doesn't mean I have must do or finish everything. I just need to complete my personal goals for advancement.

I agree that group likely intersects with the static group players and might find WAR rather alarming because there is so much too complete. I'm not sure you could or would want to attempt to complete it all on a single character. I'm barely paying attention to the Tome itself, in that I don't read it all that much. I'm sure I will on the 2nd time around.

If someone sees that Tome and adopts the I must complete attitude, holy cow that will be a massive undertaking. I'm sure we'll eventually see someone with a completed Tome. They'd probably brand me as picky and I'll call them crazy. :-)


Nice redefinition. I have been a freestyler since I first stepped into Norrath nearly 10 years ago, and I've found it's a playstyle that works in almost all games.

Currently playing EQ again and finding it jsut as easy as it always was to play with great pleasure for 40+ hours a week without needing to raid, do epics, grind or pretty much do anything other than pootle around. Works fine in EQ2 and Vanguard, both of which I'm playing on and off, too.

It even worked ok in LotRO, although the excessive reliance on questing there did eventually make me feel not quite as free as I wanted to be.


It seems to me that EQ2 is improving solo play and the very robust crafting system negates the need for raid level or quest gear. But I do find leveling a bit too painful for me as compared to other games. During my last visit I did occasionally run into players who invited me to just run around killing mobs, but those were far and few. Top that off with what feels to me as uninspiring leveling zones and I can't do EQ2 for long stretches of time.

This is the game I'd do a lifetime subscription to if it was offered. I could slowly piddle my way up the crafting ladder when I was in the mood to level into the next harvesting zone. And the long absences in between being in that mood wouldn't cost me anything. Yeah, if Sony did that for EQ2, I'd be first in line.


EQ2s zone layout didn't work for me either. It was like questing in a long tunnel. Other than that the game was ok. I think if I hadn't played WoW with its large, open world, I probably would have liked EQ2 more.


I would also do the lifetime sub if they had one. I have one for LOTRO. I haven't played it in months, but it's nice to know I can go back to it whenever I want. I wish more games had them.


@jcooper - I heard about some interesting updates coming for crafting in EQ2. I really wish the would to a lifetime subscription. However, it's doubtful given that it would probably detract from their Station Access Pass program.

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