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September 28, 2008



My thoughts almost exactly. It didn't take long in beta for me to resign myself to WAR not being a crafter's game. MMO development on the whole seems to be shying away from player-created item bases and sticking firmly with loot-based item systems (even Vanguard totally changed their tune on that one during beta). It's not impossible to have both meaningful crafting and fun loot, but I think it's outside most developers' desires and/or budgets.

Still, WAR is fun even without crafting, and at least on the bright side I can dabble or ignore crafting entirely in WAR depending on my mood. Could be worse.


Wow you just explained crafting better than 70% of the fan sites. NICE


@Hudson - Thanks! I don't want to do any guide type posts. Seemed pointless with so many people posting about WAR. So I'll stick to what I know best - my own opinionated 1st person perspectives. :-)

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