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September 22, 2008



I have also read one post which states the "twink" issues have been handled well by Mythic.

I think the fact that the "chicken" mechanic is in place and the "twink" issue keeps players out of battlefields that could cause overall issues for a new player are both good moves.

But, I have yet to find a reason for ANYONE to play an Open Server of any game...but why does a certain personality join an Open server?

I always imagine the kid who was a bully at school or those who try to get away with something they should not be doing as the audience.

We live in a society with rules, so why does a person want to enter a world with no rules? Are they really homicidal at heart? I have heard the "it's the danger" excuse. But, c'mon, why then pick on people who are way lower level than you and ruin their gaming experience?

Bah...all games have rules for a reason. Take away reason, chaos ensues, with no winner.


I have rolled on an open rvr server Dark Crag and am currently 25 I also like to solo and have made it to Avelorn southern half Yesterday my younger brother and his friends were being griefed by a 40 Brightmage in Tabacland so I headed over to see if I could help (I play a Witch Elf) the first attack he got me but I had him down to 1/4 health so I healed and ran out again 2nd time I got him so I continued to hang around and farm influence at one of the PQ's and on the chat channel I see he was back so I headed over and got him again. As you have said this is not WOW and I could not stand PvP there, here I love the adrenaline rush I get and the fact that I could take out a 40 by using the right tactics and skill combo to do it. That said had this been a witch hunter(another melee DPS) or a tank class I would not have fared as well. There is always a scissor to your paper.

Grant Veris

I personally wish there were only 2 option of servers, one for the RP's and the other pure PvP, if you want carebear, that's what wow is for :)


I picked an RP, Core, server, hoping to steer as near I could to folks interested in playing in the Warhammer world, and not dance naked on mailboxes or sporting lolspeak names. They still show up naked in the public quests hopping around useless. Shrug.

As you say, pvp on my server is there when I want it, and conducted where it's appropriate. Battles off the battlefield are nothing more than terrorism. And I can do quests and public quests, in peace, as I choose.

Open RvR does cater to folks with certain mindsets, and I'm glad there's an outlet for them.

The worst of the breed, however, will know they've been offered a corral to play in and will choose to roll on our worlds instead to cause their grief. Serial killers don't prey on serial killers afterall.

My hat's off to folks on Open RvR. They're willing to endure more than I am in the name of amusement.


@Kinless - I've been told that the naked people are trying to complete a Tome unlock that actually gives some nice gear. I don't know that for sure but that's what a few people told me when I asked why they were playing naked.

I did my first RVR without crashing last night and it was Tarren Mill vs. Southshore goodness!!! Oh Mythic PLEASE tell me what to do to stop crashing in Scenarios. I know that I'm missing so much action and fun. I tried again last night after following more ideas from different forums and I crash the minute I'm zoned in. The RVR was fun and I'll post about it in a day or so. When it was over I was still flagged so I ran around with a couple of others picking fights. I can get all the PVP/RVR I need without exposing myself to an unwanted amount of griefing.


Saylah: Tarren Mill vs. Southshore? Those are in Hillsbrad Foothills in WOW!!

Hmm... RvR in WoW... kewl... I think?

Capn John

@ Copra - Saylah's actual words are "it was Tarren Mill vs. Southshore goodness!!!"

What I believe Saylah means is the RvR in which she participated, in WAR, reminded her of all the knock down, drag 'em out, slug fests the Horde & Alliance used to have many years ago, where raid-sized (or bigger) groups would descend upon Hillsbrad Foothills and kill each other for hours on end. Literally. But Blizzard put a stop to that with their silly battlegrounds.

some guy

@ openedge: your post is so terrible, i think it gave me cancer.

this game is about war. you seem to believe that the only reason for someone to play on an open rvr server is to gank people, which is just silly. for me, playing on a server with absolutely no world pvp would simply ruin the feel of the game. i don't want to stand around like an idiot, watching an enemy group kill a quest boss or hero thing or whatever just because they tagged it first. the chaos that you're so afraid of is a part of war, which is exactly what this game is all about.

you even acknowledged things like the chicken mechanic that have been implemented to prevent excessive ganking, but even that isn't enough for you? ugh.

and please, labeling people who choose to play on an orvr server as 'homicidal?' that is so incredibly fu*king stupid it hurts my head. you can be a perfectly respectable, well-adjusted person while slaughtering hordes of enemies with a group, but fighting over rare spawns or farming spots or something out in the open world makes you some kind of sociopath? ridiculous. not only do you have a fear of anything unexpected, you somehow find it necessary to insult and demean the people who can deal with a few surprises and prefer the more intense, dynamic style of play that a pvp server offers. i find that rather pathetic. and please don't ever go into psychology/psychiatry/therapy/whatever.

i guess what i'm trying to say is, you suck. have fun on your carebear server, carebear.


Capn wins the prize for reading comprehension. That is precisely what I meant.

@some - I'm not sure that you're rant-like comment filled with personal attacks helps assertion about the well adjusted people on Open RVR servers. Open's comment while filled w/sweeping assumptions, was at least generalized compared to your personal attacks. We can disagree and still remain civil. I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog and comment so let's all play nice.


@Grant - Why would you want to restriction other player's options? Games don't survive limiting huge games with restrictive implementations. Game development costs millions of dollars and they need subscribers. Separating by server type solves the problem perfectly. Everyone gets to have the playing experience they prefer.

Clearly more players prefer controlled PVP which is why FFA type servers are fewer. They won't get more people to do Open RVR simply by making it the only option. They'd just get fewer customers.

Warhammer Rookie


Do you still play on Averheim, and if so do you play under the name Saylah?
I'm looking for a solid server to play on, and why not join the server/realm of someone like yourself.

Any idea if your guild is in need of specific careers?


Guy Who Can't Decide What To Roll


Yes, I'm on Averheim as Order. It's a high population with queues after 10PM ET. Our guild recruitment is on hold but dont let that sttop you from putting in an application. Roll there and if we stay on hold try Candymancers. I've played with them and they are another large guild w/nice folks.

My main is Alysianah. Saylah is created in reserve for my Warrior Priest alt.

Warhammer Rookie

Thanks for the reply Saylah.

Candymancers appears to be full up, according to random people I contacted in the guild. With yours and theirs full, I suppose I will have to ride things out on another realm.

Good luck, and be sure to crush any goblins you see. They make for a tasty treat.



I don't think it'll be that bad in the long run.

You gotta remember that this game ships with a ver good faction PvP system. There's really no incentive for roving gangs of gankers because they could be spending their time better elsewhere

There'll definitely be killing, ganking, and frustration, but I don't think it'll be that bad

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