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September 29, 2008



Saylah... you rock. Thanks for being my entertainment this highly itchy morning.

Seriously... poison ivy + fingers & armpits = t3h suxxors.

You made me smile. :)


I so do not enjoy WAR, yet this story makes the game look like loads of fun.
Thank you for sharing something that most others forget...


@ Bildo - sorry to hear about the poison ivy.

@ Saylah - awesome story. :)

I picked up a copy of WAR to try out. Most of the info has been very positive about it so I figured 'why not?'


*Friendly hugs for Bildo* *Backs away watching the wife* I'm sorry to read that you're a bit out of sorts. I hope it was at least gained in a favorable manner? A bit of rolling in the hay?? *Wants delicious details*

I'm glad to have provided a smile. I do find that there are things to do even when I'm not in the mood to level or fight. My longevity in any MMO depends rather heavily on this fact.

@Open - Do you mean you're playing and not enjoying it, did the BETA and didn't enjoy it? Can you be more specific. Like anything this isn't going to be for everyone which is fine. It lacks somethings that I really wish where there but am able to do without because of other features.

This game is for free-style levelers. Yes there is the progressive quest model too but that's the third layer of progression in my opinion. I'm a free-style leveler which Blizzard supported wonderfully in WOW even though it wasn't it's primary mechanic or progression. Hmm, I think I need to post what I mean by this and we can all discuss there.

@Khan, do join us in the Casualties of WAR guilds. We have a nice social atmosphere, ample group activity and large scale guild PVP.


The game totally did not grab me, and my wife's only words were

"This sucks"

I would say more, but the last time I commented on this it turned into Blog-o-war, with many attacks from various factions of the sphere.
It got quite ugly that I had an opinion...

Luckily I can live vicariously through others who are more tolerant of game mechanics...and I am ok with that.
Your story is awesome and looks like fun.



@Open - I read way after the fact about the bit-o-drama but missed the details. I'm doing a more specific post about play-styles. I think this is one of the unstated keys to why some people are loving WAR while others hate it.

It will be interesting to see what you think about my feelings on the matter. It will post to the blog tomorrow morning.


@ Saylah - Thanks! I'll make a point of saying howdy when I finally get in game. As I understand it, CoW has suspended recruitment which is cool; at this point I'm just a tourist.


NERF Bright Wizards!



BWs are fine because we're very fragile w/limited escape routes when under attack by melee. Besides damaging ourselves, we dont last long without a healer. :-p

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