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September 21, 2008



That is not fun, driver related crashes is always painful.

I am not sure if this helps or if you have tested it, but with the latest 177.79 Nvidia drivers there have been some crashing and graphic problems in City of Villains for the series 8 & 9 cards together with Vista (I have a 9800 GTS+ myself).

However, downloading the beta drivers (177.92) and using them fixed those problems. Might not be the same problems, but at least there seem to have been _some_ issues fixed there.


That has to be computer smashing annoying. It's a shame too, it's such a great game.


I was getting this crash with public quests every single time on an ATI powered iMac running XP and I lowered the graphics settings to see if that would help. I haven't seen the crash since, which of course may or may not mean it's actually fixed.


I'm going to look for those beta drivers tonight, Sente, thanks.

I still have the problem myself, though not as extreme as Saylah. Mine seems to occur after about an hour of play, though one time as soon as I rebooted and joined a Scenario it happened again.

Keeping Vent Overlay off "seems" to help me prolong crashing. But it's downright annoying for me, so I can only imagine how bad it's getting for Saylah.


@All - No it's not fun. I would be less annoyed with just the game crashing to the desktop. It's the hard boot recovery that is troublesome.

I did drop back to the 177.79 driver since I saw that somewhere as a suggestion. I lowered graphics to low quality and downloaded a program to under clock the card but I still crash. Late last night I saw something about playing without sound enabled so I'll try that this evening. When I was out shopping for the upgrade to play Conan I wanted the 8800 series but the on-board power supply in the Dell XPS couldn't support it.

I'll keep trying different things and cross my fingers that a resolution or reliable workaround appears very soon.


hi, its not just your nvidia card matey. im suffering the same issues with my ati 3870 card at the moment. it is crashing totally at random atm. i heard somewhere that it was down to some ddr3 nvidia cards what were a faulty batch which can be RMA'd. dont know for sure, just what i spotted after googling black screen crash in warhammer online...

anyhow. sort of mixed blessing tbh, was fearing that my system was dying now i just think i wasted the cash on a fantastic game i cant play :(


@Grimm - Yes, I saw those same posts about video cards using DDR3 which my Nvidia uses which is why I followed the down-clocking once I saw which three settings to adjust. Initially, I saw a post that only had me change 1 setting which didn't improve my situation. But using the sync'd change of core, memory and shader did the trick for me.

I was also wondering if I was going to find myself having purchased a CE game where I couldn't play a good percentage of the content. I'm just hoping this fix holds. Good luck in finding something that will work for you. *crosses fingers*

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