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September 25, 2008



It's good to see some more people fighting the Destruction zerg.


I am SO happy it's working for you!

Maybe now you and I can hang and do some scenarios, etc next time I'm actually free to play. :)


Yay! Glad to see you're up and running (and fire-bombing everything in sight)! :) PC problems are a pain, that's for sure.


@all - This fix has worked now for three days without incident. Kinda sucks to down-grade a video card when you bought it to get the benefits of better performance. But since I can now to Scenarios and Open RVR without issue I won't complain too much.

Bildo I do hope to see you in game sometime soon helping to defend the Order! Waaaagh!


Have you had any strange lag? I have a 8800GT 512mb card, I've not had your black screen issues, but I have had strange video lag issues, especially when we are taking keeps and when there are lots of player models on the screen. I was wondering if you have this issue since you under clocked or not?

I don't mind under clocking, if it will eliminate some of the strange stuttering I'm getting. It's similar to the stuttering you get in Qeynos Harbor when lots of people zone in.


Before this past weekend, I had not suffered from lag issues when running with the "Fastest Framerate" for graphics quality. Now I have lag all the time now with large groups - scenarios, PQs and attacking those keeps last night was insanely laggy.

This is a new issue for me which appeared after under-clocking had already improved my ability to do RVR w/o introducing lag problems. So I don't think it's tied to the Nvidia card, drivers or under-clocking. It's a new problem that didn't start until late in the week.

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