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September 17, 2008



You buggers are SO taking me to get that soon. I couldn't resist the Scenarios last night and missed out. :)


Wow! Very nice looking cloak!

Does WAR have appearance separate from the equipment slots? IE: if you get a cloak with stats as an upgrade, could you wear the new cloak as equipment for the stat benefits but keep the appearance of the one in the screenshot?

A new cloak would have to be pretty amazing for me to discard one like that.


@Khan - No there's no appearance tab. I hope they add on in a future patch. I saw lots of Tome Unlock items that people are going to want but they don't have stats.


Argh thats awesome! SIGH I need more time to play

Capn John

Wizard101 has a vendor that will dye your hat, robe, and boots, for a price of course. Each item has two coloring stats; its overall color, and its trim. What I found strange was different colors & combinations have a different price.

My son and I both bought a Dragon Pet. Being an Ice Mage I "dyed" my Dragon a Light Blue with White trim. My son wanted a Black & Red Dragon which cost him 1600g, over 4 times the price of mine. I guess the more popular "cooler" colors are more expensive.

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