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September 23, 2008


Gaming Diva

I'm hoping that fixes the problem.

Regarding gas prices...
My father told me the price of gas was going up I believe he heard it on one of the talk radio shows he listens to. I remember going out later that day and filling up my tank.

I'm glad you found a MMORPG that you enjoy. :-)


I didn't have issues last night either, but all I did was install the 8/26 beta drivers from the nVidia website.

I'm crossing my fingers for you, as it'd be nice if ALL the CoWs could get in on the sieging. :)


I do computer support on the side, and maybe can help.

First, what OS do you use?
How much memory? And how many sticks (very important)
Sound card?

These are all the main problem zones.
Share them, and I might be able to help.

Good luck


Thanks Open but it isn't a "my system" situation. It's commonly considered an issue with specific Nvidia graphics cards. Right now they think it's the 8000 series and the 9600 GT shows up often as a common component of this crash. And since this has never occurred before I'm going with the prevailing thoughts on the issue.

If things go well again tonight I'm solid for now except that I don't know the ramifications of having under-clocked these components. If you can shed some light on that it would be appreciated or I can "Google" it.


@Diva - Yes, I'm glad to have found a new home. I still think of EQ2 because the crafting and decorating my house is fun. I think of AOC because that Bear Shaman was so invigorating to play. Yet both of those games lacked other things that I need long term. It feels like WAR is more well rounded to my particular gaming tastes.


@Bildo - Hmmm you went with the beta drivers? I had those as well but downgraded which didnt fix my problem. I should go ahead and upgrade again since it was the underclocking that worked for me. What card do you have?

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