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September 16, 2008



Sorry to hear about your RvR troubles. I've not ran into any problems. Crazy computer world.


I seem to have fixed my issues by reinstalling Nvidia's most recent drivers, but where mine might have been a graphics issue, yours sounds much deeper int he code of the game and how it reacts to your set-up.

I'm curious, Vista? Quad-core or Dual-core?

I feel bad because you're missing out on all the fun scenarios!


Wonder how much WAR gold is.
Thats pretty SERIOUS stuff there...bot's already.

WAR is pretty serious though.

Anyways. I have heard if using Vista, that by switching the client to XP sp2 for the .exe, it helps crash issues.

I sure am glad Conan has worked out their OOM issue finally. But, since I switched to Vista 64 and 4 gigs, I have had zero issues.

Love my machine!


Windows XP, Dell XPS Duo-Core, Nvidia 9600 GT & 4 GB RAM. Yes, I'm very sad that I can't do the Scenarios. I uninstalled graphics drivers, re-installed and updated Direct X but to no avail.

I'm bummed about not being able to do any of the RVR. That's all I did during the PE and OB. :-( Luckily, I'm enjoying the leveling and quests enough to be a bit more patient.

The minute I step a toe into those zones, I crash. I've crossed over into RVR just barely turning in a quest and there's no one there and I crash. Someone suggested unplugging special peripherals and see what happens. Will try just about anything at this point.

I defrag and did a clean install from the game CDs today and no change.


I have a similar system, and my crashing to black screen is unexplained as well.

I even have the same video card and 3GB of RAM. I wonder if there's something with on-board sound going on? It only seems to happen to me in crowded areas, and after about an hour of playing. For you it happens when crossing over into an RvR zone...

Very fubared, and I wish they'd fix it soon. Spent 2 hours losing scenarios last night, and the first time we were winning I crashed... and my team ended up losing because they were down a DPS class to take out the healers.

Bad, bad, bad.

I'm tempted to avoid RvR and crowded PQs until this is fixed. It wasn't an issue in the OB, but was there during the PW... so it has to be fixable and something they know how to do.


Nice 'air, fer a ummie!


For me I don't think it has anything to do with crowds since I do the PQs not problem. I ran thru crowded zones on the way to the Shawl mob location just made sure not to actually wander across the zone into the RVR area and was fine. Whereas with the Scenarios it happens as soon as I zone in even when there are only a couple of people in yet. And I'd done both before OB just fine - mostly. I had some lag and a few crashes but nothing consistent to a black screen.

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