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August 28, 2008



Runepriests and Warrior Priests truly to rock the "shiz" in WAR. They can both be a bit hard to get used to in RvR, but when CoW gets to the point where we coordinate Keep Battles or things like that, they'll both come in extremely handy.

I'm thinking about the WP myself lately. Torn between them and the White Lion mainly.

Oh, and CoW does allow friends and family to join even after the open enrollment period has ended. Just let Genda know who to look for. Have them fill out the application like you did, and they'll be in in short order if they wish to tag along.


I had a similiar dillema as you, expecting I'd be sold on the Destruction side with the Dark Elves and Chosen.. only to end up liking the Order with the mirror classes of the Bright Wizard, and much to my surprise the fat little tub of lards like the Ironbreaker and Rune Priest.

BTW the Bright Wizard is no more powerfull that the Sorceress, and that power comes at the cost of survivability as you noted. A tank with a healer backing them up is 5x more valuable than any Sorceress or Bright Wizard, as you'll be able to break through any front line and easily kill or help your team kill enough enemies to make the mages jealous.


@Bildo - its fun to have this type of problem and you've been playing for a while so I can imagine how much more you've seen than I did during the PE.

@Scott - Yes, I did the Sorc and out of all the Destruction that was the only DPS class I could consider. But the flavor of the BW is just so TIGHT! That plus liking the zone were the final straw that put the kibosh on me being Destruction.

In all the years that I played WOW, I started characters in the racial zones but always ended up racing to the Eastern Kingdom to do the GS to SS trek. It remains my favorite level track of the game. Westfall is hands down my favorite leveling zone and oh I loved fighting Defias. :-)

The only thing I enjoyed as much, was the look and feel of Zangermarsh but I didn't care of the quests.


I didn't know the King from BK was a playable class!


@Copper - Yep, where you been? He gave up grillin' burgers for melting faces.


When does the Open Beta start? I've pre-ordered and have my key, but don't know when that begins.


Open BETA starts on Sept 7th. I thought CE copies were getting closed BETA but it didn't work exactly like that. :-(


Oh, Wizard101 is having an open beta, just in case anyone was looking forward to trying it.

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