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August 21, 2008



Well, in recent days, I've actually been rethinking this alot. At first, long time ago as a matter of fact, me and my friends decided we would split up our initial group into the archetypes, and I was going to play a Gobbo Shaman, since we needed healers, and I really wanted to be a Greenskin. After awhile though, I've been caught in a triangle between the Shaman, the Black Orc, which seems to be so freakin' awesome, or the Dark Elf Sorc. ((I just say Sorc. so that I don't tread on the ground of gender)). With the preview weekend, I'll probably end up test driving all of the Destruction classes, but probably won't get to play much, since I'll be writing stuff down and taking pictures so I can pour information on my friends.


I'll be waiting to read your comments after the preview Weekend Sylah, since I have been in closed Beta and we were running on the lowest resolution, but even with this in mind I haven't been in awe (graphically speaking and also in the character creation department). I tried different classes and races.
Quest-wise it's fast paced and some of the quests really are innovative. The map is a jigsaw - not the regional map but the world map(never figured out how that works).

So far I'm having mixed-feelings about the game. But to all people claiming this is a WoW-clone it definitely isn't (not even the graphics can be compared). The game will mainly be focused on RvR.


I think I might try Squig Herder just because I haven't played an ugly in awhile. Now I just need to come up with a goblinish name.


@Syan - I was excited about the map at first thinking it was like AOC. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a cluster. Guess they didn't have any human factors person reviewing the interface. One thing that is confusing is the stoplight metaphor they're using. Green means, I think so far, that a new quest is available at that NPC. Orange means you've completed a quest with that NPC. Yellow means you have an uncompleted quest with the NPC. That's what I think it means anyway after about an hour of playing.

Instead of changing the icon for the quest completion state they're changing the colors but that scheme is confusing. I see green on the map and start running toward that NPC thinking I can turn in a quest but when I get there I smack-head because it's a new quest instead. Oh well, we'll get over it.

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