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August 24, 2008



Here's something to remember. Just because you're part of one racial pairing, does not mean (in fact I'd recommend against it) you should be staying in just your racial pairing. There's a hotbed of activity usually in each Tier, and the people in beta seem to congregate around the Empire v. Chaos racial pairing.

Ultimately, the 6 races clash the most at each side's capitol city, but that's not until Rank 40. Until then, it's best practice to find a guild and use their eyes to help you figure out where the RvR is.

It's actually REALLY easy to hop from zone to zone, unlike WoW. At Rank 1 (level 1) you can walk to the Greenskin first warcamp in Mt. Bloodhorn and take a wyvern flight to any of the other races' starting zones. And there's absolutely no harm in doing this. In fact, I'd encourage it for tome unlocks, and more importantly to be where your realm needs you if you want in on the RvR, which seems to be Empire v. Chaos.

Does that help you?


Perfect! Thanks!


I'm with you Saylah, Bright Wiz and Sorc are rockin' - I did like my Chaos Mage as well - although he didn't seem to fare as well in RvR as my other casters. I didn't like the Elf Archer (Shadow Walker?) so well, nor the squig herder. I also tried an Elf Witch, and she's ok, but ranged DPS is more my play style.


I did some RVR on the Warrior Priest and got completely creamed. I've never been very good at melee for PVP as I play melee classes so rarely. However, I did some scenarios and kicked butt! Three times in a row I was ranked #1. I was doing DPS and healing - ducking and weaving. It was DA BOMB!


I said it before, but yes... the Warrior Priest freakin' rocks.

Go for it Saylah, and help us out in CoW come release. People are starting to be swayed to the "dark side" and Genda's going to have a lot of folks on Destruction while the rest of us poor saps on Order get our butts handed to us. :P


Oh noes, the dark side is prevailing in CoW? Can't blame them. I wanted to the Destruction but I couldn't find a really compelling class. Rune Priest was pretty pimp tool. Several times I survived being focus-fired until my mates downed them all. It's like a Disc Priest from WOW - can take one hellofa beating.

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