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August 15, 2008



I actually gave my extra code from Gamestop away already. :(

If I get anything additional, I'll let you know.


I agree that Amazon is awesome. I have been buying stuff from them for years and have never had any problems at all with their customer service/refunds/returns.

In a non-related question, what does one do when he has (2) level 70's in WoW, (1) level 60, and is ready for a change? I tried LOTRO a few weeks ago and enjoyed it but stuck with WoW for awhile longer. Now I am not sure anymore if I want to keep playing WoW at all. I have 2 pieces of the FSW set for my 'lock, and my hunter is maxed out in mining/skinning to help make me some money. But I really feel uninspired. It doesn't help when things like last night occur either (we wiped 4 times in Shadow Labs and finally gave up after 2nd wipe on Grandmaster Vorpil). Is this all there is at 70 if you don't really raid? Battlegrounds for welfare epics? Mind-numbing grinding for primals? More mind-numbing dailies? Uggh. It begins to make me wonder why we are always in such a hurry to level our toons. Nearly three 70's later, I am ready for something different. The thought of grinding primals, battlegrounds, or running the same instances over and over again just does not appeal to me anymore. I know the expansion is coming out later this year, but will it not be the same content, just in a different setting?

Sorry to hijack your blog, but I am having a really hard time right now deciding what to do. I will probably play LOTRO just for the different content, and I always liked the lore.

I completely understand why you quit WoW, Saylah. Funny thing is, you played it a lot longer than I did (2+ more years than me I presume).

As for Warhammer, I will probably not mess with it, but good luck to those of you who will play it, the mechanics seem cool enough.


@JoBildo - Thanks but I got my codes from Amazon this morning. :-)


@Roma - I think the response warrants a post.


What was the actual answer from Amazon.com? I have the CE pre-ordered through them as well. Do I have to nudge them to get my beta/head start key?


They sent a comprehensive email with all of the CE keys: CE BETA, Pre order Rewards and Head-start. Just send them an email via the support feature from "My Account". I sent the email just before going to bed around 1AM. When I got up for work at 6:30 AM the email with the keys was already there.


I'll do that though, while I am a big fan of Amazon.com myself, if I have to remind them to send me things like this, I am not sure I could give them two thumbs up for customer service.


The magic class with stationary pets in WAR is the Magus (chaos side). They summon demons, but the demons are forced to stay in one place.
Their match on the Order side is dwarven Engineers, who summon turrets.
White Lions are melee DPS, and yes they have a rather impressive pet, a white lion.
Their match on Chaos side are the goblin Squid Herders, their pet is a squig about their size (basically a big green mouth on legs).

But yes, if you want a pet that can travel around with you rather than having to resummon it when you move to a new spot, and you don't like the look / feel of greenskins, you want a White Lion.


@King - thanks for the additional information. I haven't been following WAR too closely. I figured I'd decide when I was actually at the point of being able to make a character. That is interesting to know about the pets. I rather like the idea of the Dwarf engineering having turrets. Reminds me of AC2. After watching some RVR videos this weekend, the feel of the game seems like a non-stop Alterac Valley. If I spend more time doing that than solo PVE, I'm now thinking about a healer. I loved healing in BGs when people weren't acting like idiots.


I wouldn't worry too much about having to repeat content... you don't HAVE to. Well, there is one bit that you'll be doing over and over, but its different every single time. ;)

I sure wish they'd hurry up and drop that NDA already...


Are you a Prime member at Amazon? I shop there all the time and it's totally worth it to me.


@Nimbus - Yes, I am. I never think about using the Virgin Worlds click-thru to help Brent out until after. I'm on there so often ordering stuff it's just habit to use my bookmark and off I go.

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