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August 08, 2008


Gaming Diva

It sounds like a lot of fun. What class do you play in the game? Yep in Wow I've been sent on quests several levels higher than my toon. Tabetha in Duskwallow sent me on a quest 10 levels higher, lol. That was for the mages quest.

I'm trying to find a nice spot to grind for my level 48 fire mage...when I hit 50 I'll do quests and grinding again. WOW, is fun (for me) again since I started playing a class besides my hunter.

How is EQ2 different from WOW, what are the similarities?

Congrats on the mount, I really like it.


I'm playing an Illusionist which I'd describe as ranged DPS class with debuffs and crowd control. The pet is an exact replica of me. The pet is upgraded several times as you level just like any other spell. I can't control what she casts which seemed bogus at first. I still have no idea what determines what she casts in her rotation. I do know that they recently changed them to cast DPS spells instead of overtime spells and drains.

The class reminds me of being an Enchanter in AC2. Her DPS is like a WOW Warlock because I have many damage over time spells, and they are a primary component of my DPS. But I have a lot more crowd control than a Warlock has in their arsenal. I can single and group target Mez (put mobs to sleep), root like a Druid, stun like a Rogue, silence like a Priest and debuff like a Shaman. I would add buff like a Paladin but so many of the classes have player buffs that it's rather common. Given all these tools I'm sure you can see why this class appealed to someone who loves to play casters and solos.

Game play is similar but the pace is much slower even though they've addressed it to a degree over the years. It's very quest driven and getting groups for those who care are very hard to get at the lower levels. My opinion still remains that it lacks the sugar rush of WOW. You don't feel very heroic in combat and the massive amount of animations can completely cover combat when you're in a group. I think this is a game for the long haul. You're okay with taking your time and exploring other aspects beyond leveling because EQ2 has them in spades. Harvesting for everyone, crafting, player housing, faction rewards, player achievements, PVP and raiding.

EQ2 is finally working for me because I got tired of the bubble gum and jumping from game to game looking for my next high. I still like a sugary over the top experience of a WOW and will play WAR. However, I can now appreciate having somewhere consistently enjoyable to go in between.

Randolph Carter

What a nice post here. It’s funny, I’m about at the same point in EQ2 as you. My necromancer is level 34 and questing over in the Enchanted Lands. After cycling through a whole host of alts, getting many of them into the low 20s, I finally settled on this character. I figured if I wanted to see some of the tier 4 lands and beyond, I had better focus on one. I’m enjoying the game quite a bit. Coming from WoW I can also relate to what you say when comparing the two games. EQ2 is really more my pace. It’s just taken me 3 years to figure that out. All of my friends and wife (well, she’s my friend too) are still heavily into WoW. I still group quest with my wife, but when I’m playing just for me, I log into EQ2. I think you nailed it with WoW being “a sugary over the top experience.” EQ2 is definitely a slower paced leveling game and I for one like the less-than-heroic combat system the game uses.

Oh well, thanks for the interesting post. It got me thinking (no small feat, mind you).



@RC - Although I'm a bit peeved with EQ2 today, I do plan on keeping it as a long term MMO. Even if I get heavily into WAR, I can be as moody as a cat who's had her tail smashed under a rocking chair, and needs a place to hide away. EQ2 has the pace and flavor for me.

I'm so IRKED that in my mind, I'd built up moving out of the zones I've re-rolled in so many times as this huge thing, only to ride into Steamfront and see that its Butcherblock part II. But I know there are lots of other things to do. When I sign on this week I'll craft, harvest or focus on some collections until I'm over my hissy fit and go back to leveling. :-)

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