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August 08, 2008


Gaming Diva

I saw that post I believe a day after it was written. I'm hoping everyone has a blast in the guild. I do think things work a lot better when you interact with people you know.

I took an advanced Dreamweaver class about four years ago. My teacher was talking about Warhammer, I'm betting he will be playing this game.

I definitely can relate to solo gaming it's how I play most of my games, but it is nice hanging out with people you genuinely like. I agree it's always nice to see other female gamers around. People automatically assume that I'm a guy when I play games like Halo or Gears of War.


I’ll have to be the person to introduce drinks and grouping on Friday

No...that will be Hudson, the resident MMO drunk.
He will be doing M-F Drinking though, so hopefully that does not ruin your plans...lol
(I always pick on him when we formed a guild in EQ2, and we went on an HQ. He said he was so drunk, and then when we were attacked, blew all his Mana faster than he blew chunks...lol)

Have fun though. After being burned with AoC, I have decided to hold up and wait for opinions on this game. It looks and feels too much like WoW, and I just do not want to play WoW anymore.
Make sure to share your game time fun, as you play close to how I do, and if YOU can play WAR, then I might give it a go.


Woot! Looks like a ton of us blogheads are all gonna pwn together :D welcome!


@Open - I hear ya on the feeling burned and wanting to wait. For me I don't feel burned by AOC per say. I still think about how much fun the combat was when I'm trying to decide if I feel like logging into a game. It was the most interesting healing class that I never healed with! LOL

I don't think I'm going to bother with the BETA no point in doing some I'll have to re-do. I will be playing it the only question is for how long. *wink*


SO glad you caved in and joined us, Saylah. We never got to hang in Conan, but now we're bound to. :)

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