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August 11, 2008



Enchanted Lands is an excellent alternative too. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the Steamfont questline, and I think it's one of the best written in the game (yay for gnome humor!) - story wise that is, even though it ultimately boils down to still killing mobs mostly.


Actually Booty Bay isn't a zone, it's a town in Stranglethorn Vale, which is exactly the type of zone you seem to dislike - big and with almost no NPCs except at the very north and very south ;p

Netherstorm is much better in this regards, with Netherstorm NPCs, and others, scattered throughout the zone. I really enjoyed questing there for that reason.


@Solid - you're right but I skipped all that jungle nonsense! I did the quests that were on the shorts/beaches. The pirate quests - for some reason I never get tired of killing pirates. I did the Naga in their little encampments and the trolls. That other stuff I couldn't be bothered with each time I leveled. Netherstorm - hmm, skipped it mostly. It was already where I had to farm stupid motes for crafting, I couldn't stomach leveling there too.


Feerott is pretty different looking and starts at about level 35 if you like jungle. It also has some pretty good quest lines, one set for good and one for evil in different camps a short way into the jungle from the entrance. There are manticores, dryads, lizardmen and mystails (variant on rats) as well as the typical snakes and spiders.


Feerott also has the final leg of the "Journey is half the Fun" HQ which is a blast. It starts in Antonica near the North Qeynos gate and continues in Commonlands, Thundering Steps, Nektulos Forest, Enchanted Lands, Zek and finally Feerott. The grand tour of Norath with a nice pair of run speed boots at the end.


@Heat - Thanks for the tip. Will check it out. I popped my head in that zone once curious where the the bell went. Didn't go far enough to see the mob levels.


I loved Steamfont mountain actually, but maybe because I didn't spend too much time in Butcherblock. I loved the quests, with plenty of humour. The little gnomish town on top of a mountain made me think of Toshley's station in Blade's Edge (WoW). There is also a little instance in Steamfont (Klak Anon) with a very challenging named. The downside of this zone is that mobs are packed, but for an illusionist it wasn't really an issue thanks to the crowd control spells.

Also do not forget the Bloodline chronicles as it should become interesting around those levels (30-40):
- Solo instances: Dire Hollow - Grim Tidings or Underrot caverns - Moldy Crypt. In Nektulos near the timberfalls north-west talk to Nasrara or Danho depending on your alignement and choose the "Alone" option (instance choice is offered randomly therefore you might want to decline and talk again to the NPC to get the one you prefer).

- Group instances: you choose your quest line which will open various zone-accesses or instances, based on your alignement: "Hand of Marr" for Good and "Brethren of Night" for Evil.

- Optional: There's the D'Morte quest line (by inspecting the D'Morte insignia in your inventory and also /claim the Ring of THaen).


@ Syah - Looks like I shouldn't judge the book by the cover. Thanks for the very detailed options which aren't immediately apparent!

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